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Here are the latest news

Athens: Arson attack on Kouvelou squat (18.09.11)
--- "The roof has collapsed and four rooms have been burnt."

Amsterdam: 1st of October - We're still here! (16.09.11)
--- "Come to Amsterdam on 1st of October to show that the fires of last year are still smoldering - and they might flare up any moment!"

Thessaloniki: Police intimidation against Libertatia squat (13.09.11)
--- "On Friday midday, September 9th, 2011, more than 100 police motorcycles appeared on the streets that surround Libertatia squat. Solidaritarians immediately reached the squat in fear of eviction."

Amsterdam: New squat Valreep wins courtcase for opening event (12.09.11)
--- A new squat in Amsterdam-East...

Thessaloniki (Greece): Delta squat threatened with eviction (29.08.11)
--- "After years of neglect, this space became through collective processes, from derelict and inaccessible building, a free and social project open to all. Its operation is based on equality and solidarity, against and away from every form of State or private management. Decisions are taken collectively and horizontally, based on our needs, wishes and possibilities."

Greece: The "Metapolitefsi" has legally ended (26.08.11)
--- "On Wednesday noon, August 24th, Container squat in the University campus in Zografou, Ilissia district, has been invaded and evicted."

Hamburg (Germany): Access all areas... Solidarity with Rote Flora ! (14.08.11)
--- "Sabotage gentrification and defend squatted projects!"

Notre-Dame-des-Landes/Nantes (France): Communiqué of the autonomous camp NoG2011, "No airplanes, no evictions" (28.07.11)
--- "Today at the Nantes Atlantic airport several hundred activists opposed to the construction of an airport at Notre-Dame-des-Landes occupied the terminals in a festive fashion. The protesters are against the project to construct a second airport in the Nantes region."

Notre-Dame-des-Landes/Nantes (France): Truncheon beatings on the Rollfield (28.07.11)
--- Press release.

Vienna (Austria): Have you ever squatted the heart of the beast? (13.07.11)
--- "In the past couple of days, a group of people in Vienna, fed up of the increasing daily repression of life and the lack of free social space, have taken over an abandoned building in the Ottakring part of the city."

New York city: Organizing for Occupation (12.07.11)
--- Get ready for july 23rd.

Notre-Dame-des-Landes / Nantes (France): A land occupation to make an autonomous village (12.07.11)
--- "It's not a holiday camp!"

Notre-Dame-des-Landes / Nantes (France): News from the No G camp (09.07.11)
--- "The sooner you arrive, the easier it will be for everyone (except the cops) !"

Paris: Occupation of Standard & Poor's against the G8 (27.05.11)

Barcelona: A Combative May Day Regained (14.05.11)
--- "Patricia, we won't forget you. You are with us. We'll continue fighting against patriarchy, against the prisons and against all domination until everyone is free."

Copenhagen: Squat The Naval Mine! (04.05.11)
--- "The 21st of may we're having a demonstration and opening of our new space and you're all invited. Come with your tent, camper, tools and dreams. Your imagination is the only limitation - not the cops!"

London: Solidarity gathering for the anarchists accused in the "caso bombas" in Chile (30.04.11)
--- A few individuals gathered yesterday at the Chilean Embassy in central London as a small token of solidarity to the Anarchist comrades in Chile (on their 65th day of hunger strike)

London: UK – Anti-anarchist raids in London (30.04.11)
--- Metropolitan police have raided several squatted autonomous centres in London

Bristol (UK) - Stokes Croft Riot after massive police raid against Telepathic Heights squat (26.04.11)
--- Everyone is in the streets. Barricades are lit, the cops face an anger that has not been seen for a long time.

Nantes (France): Call-Out to Reclaim the Fields against an airport project, on 7th of may 2011 (20.04.11)
--- "This initiative is the fruit of the connections between Reclaim the Fields, network of european farmers and landless peasants, and squatters in the ZAD."

Hamburg (Germany): No Wave Squatter Punk (Anti)Art Ausstellung at the Rote Flora (28.03.11)
--- From march 21st to april 3rd, 2011.

London: Saif Gaddafi's London mansion occupied (11.03.11)
--- On march 9th, a group calling themselves "Topple The Tyrants" have occupied the £10m Hampsted Mansion of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, in solidarity with the Libyan people and their struggle to overthrow the murderous Gaddafi regime.

Manchester (UK): RBS occupied and banner dropped (10.03.11)
--- "They took our money to pay for their mistakes... and now they take our home"

Bristol: occupied homeless centre faces eviction (27.02.11)
--- "Constant & Co, the racist bailiffs calling themselves “Gypsy and Traveller eviction specialists” have a track record of brutality, destruction of property and unlawful conduct. They have been under investigation by the Health and Safety Executive following evictions of Traveller sites across the country and were responsible for the bulldozing of the Bristol Eco village last year. They also hold a several-million-pound contract for the eviction of 1000 people from Dale Farm, Essex, which is expected next month."

Paris: Week of solidarity and struggles against repression (20-27 february 2011) (16.02.11)
--- Activities in the squats Bourdon and 5-7-9...

Germany: Solidarity after the eviction of Liebigstrasse 14 in Berlin on 2nd of february 2011 (06.02.11)
--- Riots and demonstrations all over Germany after the eviction of Liebig14 (Berlin).

Copenhagen: Activists fight on the streets in support for Liebig 14 (03.02.11)
--- "Angered at the news of the eviction of the Liebig 14 in Berlin, some 300 protesters took to the streets of Copenhagen in a solidarity demonstration."

Netherlands: Events and actions against the squatting ban (october 2010 - january 2011) (30.01.11)
--- The struggle continues!

Berlin: Eviction and riot on next february 2nd ? (15.01.11)
--- "Come to Berlin around 2nd of february and join us in demonstrations, riots, partys or hit and run !"

Torino: Vegan comics party at the Barrochio squat, on january 14th 2011 (10.01.11)
--- Movies and Bella vita!

Grenoble (France): The 56's trial has been put off (19.12.10)
--- Next rendez-vous at the tribunal, january 19th 2011.

Hamburg: new trailerpark "Zomia" squatted and tollerated (19.12.10)
--- Hamburg has a new trailerpark!

Geneva (CH): Squat video (15.12.10)
--- In two months, there were two demos (1000 and 3000 people), and that is the 4th squatting try!

Oxford (UK): Opening and eviction of a new social centre... (10.12.10)
--- Opening on december 5th, eviction on december 6th...

London: An empty police station is getting squatted (08.11.10)
--- Communiqué from the squatters.

New squat in Zaandam in Holland. (31.10.10)
--- A new squat in Zaandam after the anti-squatting law is active.

Hamburg: Pro-squat demonstration, with 6 000 people in the streets ! (29.10.10)
--- On saturday 23rd of october, a big squat-demo walked around the streets of Hamburg.

Utrecht (NL): A squat brutally demolished while the residents were still inside the building! (29.10.10)
--- "The residents only just managed to escape by jumping through a window from the first floor into the neighbour's garden."

Zurich: The Hotel Atlantis has been squatted in Zurich's outskirts (23.10.10)
--- "In the Hotel Atlantis free space come into existence for various events as exhibitions and presentations. This new place offers possibilities for visionaries and productions in theater, film, dance, literature, discussions and new media. We create open workspaces and laboratories to invent an create. In workshops we would like to share and pass on knowledge and experiences."

Hamburg: house squatted and evicted (21.10.10)
--- as usual the squat could only be held for a few hours

Amsterdam: Events in Amsterdam over the last few weeks (10.10.10)
--- A summary of events in Amsterdam over the past few weeks in relation to the squatting ban and rising tensions.

Amsterdam: Netherlands after the Squatting Ban (06.10.10)
--- On the october 1st demonstration, and on the squatting-ban law.

Amsterdam: Thinking about violence (04.10.10)
--- Militancy, tactics and alcohol...

Amsterdam: Callout for squatting resistance (18.09.10)
--- On the 1st of October there will be a demonstration against the Kraakverbod. Come to the Spui square in Amsterdam at 17:00!

Harare (Zimbabwe): Another violent police raid on a squatter community leaves 100 families homeless (15.09.10)
--- 55 persons have been arrested...

France targets Rom' people (15.09.10)
--- "In recent weeks, the government of Nicolas Sarkozy has evicted more than 1,000 Roma residents from their encampments in France and deported them to Bulgaria and Romania."

Geneva (Switzerland): On september 18th, the Zoo invites the Medika Squat (based in Zagreb) (07.09.10)
--- Music from 11pm to the morning...

Pretoria (South Africa): let the dead bury the dead (21.08.10)
--- "The squatters are threatened with eviction because the land had been allocated for the expansion of a nearby cemetery. Thus the dead have more rights in life than the living."

Monars (Catalunya): Notes on the rural squat meeting (05.08.10)
--- "The rural squat meeting took place this year on the beginning of july in Monars, a village squatted for 28 years in the high Garrotxa, catalan Pyrenees, spanish side."

Hamburg: Flora stays Red! (11.07.10)
--- "As we learnt from the media, the city of Hamburg plans to repurchase the Rote Flora..."

Barcelona: Notes on the european squat meeting (17-20 june 2010) (02.07.10)
--- A few words about the discussions, and more about the june 19 demonstration...

Oldenburg (Germany): Notes on the june 26th trailerpark-demonstration (29.06.10)
--- 200 people and 16 trucks, mobile homes and trailers demonstrated against the possible eviction of the trailerpark in Oldenburg.

Monars (Catalunya): Rural squatt meeting from july 1st to 4th of 2010 (27.06.10)
--- Topics on squatting, relationships in community, self-organization, self-sufficiency, health, etc.

Hamburg / St-Pauli: the former erotic art museum has been squatted... and evicted a few hours later (04.06.10)
--- Opened on saturday at 10pm, the squat has been evicted at 3am the same night...

Turin (Italy): Four squats searched, three people arrested and others to house arrest (16.05.10)
--- Some people of l'Asilo squat have been arrested...

Barcelona: European squat meeting, from june 17th to 20th 2010 (15.05.10)
--- Under the motto of “Present, Past and... Future??? of Squatting in Europe”, some squat collectives of Barcelona organize a meeting the 17, 18, 19, and 20 of June to debate about historical, political and legal aspects of this movement in a european perspective.

Athens: In critical and suffocating times (TPTG) (12.05.10)
--- The Ta Paida Tis Galarias (The Children of The Gallery) group report on the recent demonstrations in Athens against austerity measures, including the events leading to the tragic deaths of three bank workers and its implications for the movement of opposition.

Athens: Several places raided by the police... (07.05.10)
--- Breaking news.

Athens: Statement by the Skaramanga squat regarding today's events - The murderers "mourn" their victims (07.05.10)
--- " The enormous strike demonstration which took place today, 5th of May turned into a social outflow of rage."

Berlin: A new free shop in Kreuzberg (19.04.10)
--- Gentrification in Berlin: some months after the Free Shop Brunnenstr. eviction, there is a new squatted Free Shop in Kreuzberg.

Athens (Greece): Welcome in a new squat! (09.04.10)
--- "Thus we decided, being a group of people who identify ourselves as part of the anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement, to occupy the Kouvelou Mansion on 7 April, and to create an open social center where we will house, anti-hierarchically, our political and social beliefs. Away from the influence of political parties, with self-organization as our basic principle, we long to transform this building into a hub of counter-information, events, discussions and various forms of action. Our goal is to make it a lively part of the city, open to all."

Grenoble (France): Spring walk against evictions (05.04.10)
--- Squat attack on march 27th.

Dijon (France): Land occupation (05.04.10)
--- "City-dweller with their spades, budding gardeners or local truckers in struggle joigned that action."

Paris: Squat in Odéon (01.04.10)
--- "The door will stay opened each Tuesday and Friday, between 4 and 8pm, to read or drink a coffee."

Athens (Greece): From Lelas Karagianni 37 squat, solidarity with Rozbrat squat in Poznan, Poland (27.03.10)
--- "Rozbrat squat, active for 16 years now in the city of Poznan, the longest occupied space in Poland, houses social, political and cultural activities that oppose the world of Authority and profit, of social and class divisions."

Chicago (USA): The Lowercase squat is facing eviction! (25.03.10)
--- "Defending space in which we live, share, and combat capital is integral to revolutionary movements. Our past has connected us to so many different trajectories, and in the near future, perhaps together through our actions we can give ourselves the time and space to create so many more."

Poznan (Poland): 37 anarchists detained after clashes with cops (10.03.10)
--- On Monday, 8th March 2010, about 50 people from Rozbrat squat Collective made a demonstration in front of the gate of Poznan International Fair Center, where a congress of local councils from all over Poland was taking place. Shouting slogans "City is not a company. Rozbrat stays!", the anarchists blockaded the gate. Many cars with the officials were forced to turn back.

Chiapas: Land evictions in the Lacandon Forest... (10.03.10)
--- Indigenous communities in the Lacandon Forest in Chiapas are being violently evicted by federal police and army forces, in support of corporate plans for oil palm expansion and other activities, including tourism falsely called eco-tourism.

Grenoble (France): Intersquat festival, march 20th-28th, 2010 (28.02.10)
--- Frontal attack / Head-lamp attack !

Poznan (Poland): Rozbrat - the final strike, demonstration on 20th March 2010 (24.02.10)
--- "The auction of the grounds where Poznan's Rozbrat squat is situated will take place on 26th March at 10 a.m. Since January 2008, when the bailiff came to the squat for the first time, we have managed to keep the squat, through different legal actions and protests. If nobody buys the ground on 26th March, the next auction will take place within the next 2-3 years. That is why this is a critical moment for us."

Berlin: 20years old birthday for the Koepi! (23.02.10)
--- With tons of concerts...

Bath (UK): New address for the Black Cat social centre (22.02.10)
--- Bath's only occupied social centre has a great new home. Volunteers, get yerselves down here!

Oslo: New collective eko-house (13.02.10)
--- "Today, we started to live in several of the old houses at Skar in Maridalen, Oslo."

Madrid: El Patio Maravillas has been evicted (23.01.10)
--- "Police in the spanish capital have moved against El Patio Maravillas, a building which has been occupied by squatters since 2007".

--- More people needed, eviction might come soon

Accra (Ghana): Fire in Sodom & Gomorrah (03.01.10)
--- The Accra squatter community known as Sodom & Gomorrah has had its fourth fire of the year...

St. Petersburg (Russia): Black Hole squat evicted (26.12.09)
--- 6-7 anarchists were living in the squat together with Kostya, a migrant worker from Belarus...

Keratsini (Greece): March for Resalto (23.12.09)
--- More than a thousand march in Keratsini in solidarity to the 21 comrades arrested during the police raid on Resalto, the anarchist social centre of the proletarian suburb of Peiraeus.

Netherlands: Kraakverbod, the new anti-squatting law (18.12.09)
--- A flyer explaining changes the law would bring

London (UK): Rampart has moved to the Lift n' Hoist in Walworth (15.12.09)
--- Following the eviction of Rampart, the collective has now moved to the Lift n' Hoist at 1 Queens Row in Walworth SE17

Torino (Italy): Evictions = Riots (11.12.09)
--- Solidarity with those arrested and with all the squats.

Athens (Greece): Urgent financial appeal by the Resalto Solidarity Fund (11.12.09)
--- ?Resalto? is the anarchist space in Western Athens that was raided by police on the evening of December 5th.

Missing friend since October 2009 (10.12.09)
--- Hitch-hiking from Warszawa to Berlin

Berlin (Germany): Call for Action! The same repression everywhere! (03.12.09)
--- We want to call on you to take part in our action month for our free spaces and against repression with your possibilities and resources.

Poznan (Poland): Solidarity demonstration with Dutch squatters facing the Squat-ban (01.12.09)
--- The anti-squatters bill will hit not only the squatters movement itself, but also the poorest class, workers, immigrants, and everyone who is forced to squat due to lack of money for high rent. In the name of the media model of law-abiding citizen who works eight hours to pay half of his salary to a landlord or a bank that gave him a loan they will be pushed to the role of criminals and idlers that steal someones house.

Minsk (Belarus): Solidarity from belarussian squatters (01.12.09)
--- We are watching the situation in Netherlands and are excited of all this time - because for us a right for the living, autonomous spaces and creation independent culture is very important.

Amsterdam (Netherlands): Fight for your right to housing! Stop the squat-ban! (25.11.09)
--- 1st of December 2009: Squat the Palace! Bring torches and crowbars!

Belgium: Re-occupation of the Lappersfort forest (24.11.09)
--- The Lappersfort forest has been okupied again, and is now under eviction threat.

Berlin: Brunnenstraße 183 evicted this afternoon! (24.11.09)
--- 600 cops mobilized to evict 21 squatters

Torino (Italy): Demonstration in solidarity with the squatters, 19 dec. 2009 (23.11.09)
--- Torino city council, with the "leftist" Chiamparino at its head, has decided last november 16th to evict every squat in Torino. The anarchist squats are especially threatened: l'Asilo, the Barocchio, El Paso, Mezcal, Lostilo, la Boccia squat, etc.

Call out from the Netherlands (22.11.09)
--- "We are squatters from the Netherlands. We are asking you to organize a protest (for example by dutch embassy) in your country against squatting prohibition in the Netherlands. We suggest to organize your protests between 26 and 28 of November, because Eerste Kamer (First Chamber of dutch parliament) will vote about squatting prohibition beginnig of December."

Portugal: an anarchist centre under eviction threat (19.11.09)
--- The court decreted the eviction of the oldest anarchist center in Portugal. We shall fightback!

Bath (UK): Free film night at Black Cat Occupied Social Centre, november 13th 2009 (09.11.09)
--- "We also run regular self-defence workshops, a samba dancing class, a radical library, a freeshop and much more."

Grenoble (France): Action in solidarity with squatters from Netherlands and all around the world (06.11.09)
--- "Occupons les maisons vides" (Let's occupy the empty houses)

Tallin, Vienna, Prague, Barcelona, Berlin: Solidarity actions with Dutch squatters (31.10.09)
--- Fight for selforganized autonomous spaces ? squat the world!

Prague: Action in solidarity with Dutch squatters... (29.10.09)
--- ...will be held on 30th October in front of the Dutch Embassy

Utrecht: More than thousand people gathered to protest against the law (28.10.09)

An action to stop the ban on squatting!

Amsterdam: 30 year anniversary of the Molli (23.10.09)
--- Open house on Saturday the 31st of October during Squatting days

London: Resist FreeShop Eviction! (23.10.09)
--- Occupiers are required to leave within the next 12 hours, before Friday 23rd October, 0800 hrs. Come and stay the night tonight at 165 Commercial Street ahead of the eviction or head down in the morning before 8am....

Netherlands: Odds are effectively january 1st all squats in the Netherlands will be up for eviction. (18.10.09)
--- Saturday, october 24th a demonstration is planned in Utrecht, followed by decentralised action days from october 30th till november 1st.

Sheffield: Northumberland Road Eviction (16.10.09)
--- The second site of the Sheffield Social Centre on Northumberland Road was evicted on october 14th.

London: RampArt evicted this morning after over 5 years (16.10.09)
--- RampArt Social Centre was evicted at 5:30am (october 15th) by 45 police, bailiffs and a priest.

Netherlands: Squatting has been banned... (16.10.09)
--- "A blend of right wingers and christian democrats have managed to push through a ban on squatting, instead of a ban on emptiness. How fucked up is that?"

Sheffield Social Centre (UK): Eviction and relocation... (11.10.09)
--- The new location is 10 Northumberland Road, just off Glossop Road.

Vienna (Austria): Haus Project's action week has begun! (07.10.09)
--- The future of the occupation and the week remains uncertain but the kitchen is in action, close to 50 people are present and a host of activities from an open art exhibition to a bike workshop are planned.

Sheffield (UK): Sheffield Squatted Social Centre Open! (02.10.09)
--- The building being occupied, Pisgah House, is on the same site as the Tapton Experimental Gardens, both of which are owned by the University of Sheffield. In 2007 local residents defeated a planning application by property developers Miller Homes to demolish all of the buildings on the site.

Istanbul: Resistance days against World Bank and International Monetary Fund (02.10.09)
--- "We?re inviting everyone - who has a problem with capitalism and the global destruction it created - to the streets and calling everyone to make Istanbul hell for the IMF & the WB!" 3rd october against gentrification and homelessness...

Cape Town (South Africa): Militant Mzonke Poni Goes to Trial on Tuesday 29 September 2009 on a Charge of 'Public Violence' (28.09.09)
--- "Down with State repression! Down with a legal system that is for the rich and by the rich!"

Brussels: Gathering against repression in Calais, sept. 25th 2009 (23.09.09)
--- Solidarity with the migrants in Calais and Belgium. Gathering against the repression of migrants in Calais, this Friday September 25th 5 pm at French embassy in Brussels. Address : boulevard du Régent 42, 1000 Brussels.

Sheffield (UK): New social centre opening on 1st october 2009 (20.09.09)
--- On October 1st, an new anti-capitalist, non-hierachical, liberated space in is due to open in Sheffield...

Prague: Photos from the roof (19.09.09)
--- Some pictures from the squatted space in Apolinarska Street, violently evicted on 13th Sept09

Moscow: Graffiti in solidarity with Milada (19.09.09)
--- Graffiti is a small action but we want you know that you are not alone in your disaster!

Prague: Sept09 - Trials and solidarity (15.09.09)
--- This Monday 14th September 2009, the first few squatters, detained during the Saturday action in Apolinářská Street, were taken over to court.

Bristol (UK): We invite you to converge on Bristol for an uprising of autonomous actions and events from 12th ? 20th of September 2009. (14.09.09)
--- Co-Mutiny Convergence Space: LOCATION REVEALED!

CALL OUT for help with South London's Library House Social Centre (14.09.09)
--- On the 17th it will be a year that the Library House in Camberwell has been open as one of the few squatted social spaces in south london and we'd like to mark it with a call out for new faces, new ideas and new energy!

Prague: Another report from 12th Sept 09 (13.09.09)
--- We are asking u for whatewer support u can possibly provide. In this actionweek, we gonna squat another house!

Prague: A report from the yesterday action (13.09.09)
--- The police attack was really brutal, worse since anti-IMF protest in 2000. Batons, telescopic batons, tear-gas, sound grenades? Many people were beaten up and about 100 people were arrested.

Prague: Around 100 people detained, squatters evicted (13.09.09)
--- The house in Apolinarska Street evicted this morning

Squatters occuping a house in Prague, district no. 2 (12.09.09)
--- The publicly announced occupation of a new autonomous center taking place

Bristol & London: Actiondays for squats and autonomous spaces (10.09.09)
--- Posters, actions announced so far

Vienna: Hausprojekt Action Week (10.09.09)
--- We want to implement our concept and basics for a self-governed project in Vienna and try to create space for projects, critical debates and collective living.

Athens (Greece): Exarcheia self-organised park under police attack, 5 arrested (08.09.09)
--- In the early hours of Friday 4. 9. 2009 the self-organised park in Exarcheia once again came under attack by the police.

Lesvos (Greece): Roof of Pagani occupied (02.09.09)
--- During the NoBorder camp, a roof of a refugee jail was occupied.

Prague (CZ): We all are unadapted! (30.08.09)
--- During a week of resistance, new building will be squatted, various actions and a carnival are planned

Prague (Cz): Squat Milada her_story (26.08.09)
--- Source: milada.org

Most (Czech Rep.): Squatters' protest in the town of Most (08.08.09)
--- By this direct action, we want to protest against a violent eviction and destruction of the Milada squat, which happened a month ago...

Brighton squatting action days meeting (05.08.09)
--- Meetings to get involved with the squatting action days in Brighton 18th & 19th September

Athens suburbs (Greece): Prapopoulou squat attacked, one immigrant beaten (03.08.09)
--- On 1st of August 2009 at 02:00 AM two thugs in helmets stopped with their motorcycle by the Prapopoulou squat and using iron bars they tried (unsuccessfully) to break doors and windows...

Tokyo: Smash Nike! (31.07.09)
--- "Smash Nike Japan's plan to take over and privatise a public park in central Tokyo (Miyashita Park in Shibuya ward) by purchasing "naming rights" from the local Shibuya Ward Council and building paid sports facilities including a skate park, rock climbing wall, etc."

Berlin: House squatted, burning cars and barricades... (30.07.09)
--- During the action days for freespaces in Berlin we squatted since a few hours a house in Berlin ? Friedrichshain....

Athens (Greece): Failed trespass attempt against Pikrodáfni free space! (28.07.09)
--- "While lately our free space is under constant surveillance by undercover cops, a few nights ago two persons approached Pikrodáfni free space and tried to trespass, but their plan failed as we noticed them almost immediately."

Thessaloniki: Arson attempt against Fabricka Yfanet squat (25.07.09)
--- On Saturday morning, 25 July 2009 at 5.05, arsonists attempted to put our squat on fire by lighting barbecue tanks at the main iron gate.

Athens (Greece): Fascists attack Villa Amalias squat (21.07.09)
--- "During the night of 9 July 2009 at 23:50, a gang of about 30 neonazi fascists supported by cops (both MAT, the Greek riot police, and Deltas) attacked the Villa Amalias squat in central Athens with molotov cocktails. The anarchists successfully defended their social centre against the fascists and driven them away, but not before they severely beat a youth nearby who needed an ambulance."

London (UK): Non-commercial House is open for non-business? (18.07.09)
--- People expressed an interest incontinuing occupying in order to create a space that complemented the pre-existing projects in East London.

Montreuil/Paris: French police shoots with flashball guns demonstrators in the head - one of them loose an eye (10.07.09)
--- Wednesday, July 8th, the police and local Swat team evicted a squat in Montreuil, the "Clinique", an empty building in front of an open-air market occupied since january...

Prague: A statement on the provisory spaces (09.07.09)
--- Split between a proposal of rejecting this space and a full usage as a living space, we finally decided, during a long discussion, that we will use this space in a subversive way.

Grenoble (France): Graffiti in solidarity with squatters across the world (09.07.09)
--- "Grenoble, Prague, Berlin, Milano, etc. No evictions, squat forever"

Prague: No to demolition of Milada (07.07.09)
--- A temporary occupation took place, 2 people arrested

Amsterdam: Eviction wave today 7th July (07.07.09)
--- SCUB, Eigenaardig and Douaneloodsen at Zeeburgerkade are to be evicted

Poznan, Krakow (Poland): Solidarity actions in support of Milada (05.07.09)
--- When you're taking their home, you're also taking part of our home!

Struggle for squats in Prague (04.07.09)

Prague: Manifest of the Milada squatters to yesterday's events 1.7. 17:30 (01.07.09)
--- The Minister for Human Rights Kocab promised to initiate a conference about potential substitute space, however, we are not going to rely on politicians in this battle and we are not going to calm down the rightful anger of people to whom Milada meant something. Regardless of the results of the negotiation there is going to come an adequate answer to the eviction of Milada, which is going to hurt institutions responsible for this action.

Lund, Sweden: Report from Squatting festival "165" (16/17.05.09)
--- More than 1000 people took part in a squatting festival in the small swedish town of Lund, during a weekend filled with music, party, food and mass attempts to enter houses. Pressing through or evading the police lines the squatters, dressed in different colors and protective padding, managed to squat 2 houses in 6 tries while confronting horses, pepper spray and beatings from the police.

Prague: All remaining squatters left the roof (30.06.09)
--- Negotiations with a Minister in course

Prague: Squat Milada being evicted now!! (30.06.09)
--- Spread the word, actions of support needed

Prague: In the September of this year we would like to occupy a house in Prague... (26.06.09)
--- Help us to squat the house and to defend it from everyone who would want to take it from us.

Amsterdam: Call out for action days against upcoming eviction wave (23.06.09)
--- They come with the wave, we come with tsunami!!

London: Location for London FreeSchool Announced... (19.06.09)
--- The London FreeSchool began occupying 161 Commercial Street. There will be various workshops and discussions held there over this weekend on 'Squatting, Housing & Gentrification'.

Palestine: 13th july 2009, international day of actions against house evictions and demolitions (10.06.09)
--- "We ask for people to stand in solidarity with the residents of Sheikh Jarrah and support their fight for justice."

Berlin: Schwarzer Kanal received an eviction date for 31/12/2009 (06.06.09)
--- Schwarzer Kanal is also a point of contact for many international queers passing through, part of an informal network of anti-capitalist queers. It is also part of a wider network of autonomous spaces, squats and Wagenplatzs in Berlin, Europe and beyond...

Callout for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 (05.06.09)
--- This is a call out to people involved in squats and autonomous spaces for 2 days of direct action on the 18th & 19th of September 2009 around housing and the creation of more autonomous spaces at this time of crisis.

Lund (Sweden): Mass Squatting Action Videos/Photos (30.05.09)
--- On May 16th, over 1000 people gathered to participate in the occupation movement festival

Eviction of a squat in St. Petersburg (29.05.09)
--- No-one was arrested, however many valuables were also stolen or destroyed by the cops, for example musical instruments of the squatters...

Berlin: Brunnen 183 to be evicted June 18th. Get mobilized now! (27.05.09)
--- Come to Berlin, be there, be loud, start a riot!

Berlin: Rigaer94--The Struggle Continues! (26.05.09)
--- An update on the situation faced by Berlin's Rigaer94, a squat in the Rigaerstr in Berlin's Friedrichshain district

London: Eco-Village Occupation, near Hammersmith, London, June 6th. (20.05.09)
--- The idea is to occupy a disused urban site...

Berlin: 06.06. - 21.06. 2009 --- Wir bleiben alle! (18.05.09)
--- Actionweeks against gentrification

Poznan, Poland: Rozbrat demo and a wide support from abroad (15.05.09)
--- Statements and actions against eviction coming from Iceland or Greece...

The Hague (NL): Soli rally with Polish squats (03.05.09)
--- When squatters in Poland fight, solidarity actions take place in front of Polish embassies abroad!

Kingston/upon/Thames (UK): Ravens Ait evicted! (01.05.09)
--- Community centre on the island stormed by 100 commandos

Erfurt (Germany): Squat evicted on 16th April. Factory demolished. (24.04.09)
--- Soilidarity actions took place in more than 30 cities

Poznan: Rozbrat solidarity day (23.04.09)
--- *6th of May*

Copenhagen: Dortheavej-61 (19.04.09)
--- The primary difference between the surrounding society and us is that we constantly fight the structures that causes problems betweens people

Reykjav?: This is what we call solidarity! (16.04.09)
--- We did not ask for permission to use this house. We do not need permission from those who think they can boss around with lives and land in the name of finance. We do not take part in that system.

Poznan (Poland): Rozbrat stays! demo on 9th May (06.04.09)
--- We invite all of you to take part in it!

London: The G20 Convergence Space Has Been Occupied!! (28.03.09)
--- A building in central London (shoreditch) has been occupied for the anti-G20 mobilisation.

London: Callout to take out in the 'housing and autonomous spaces' bloc on 1 April (27.03.09)
--- Join the housing march @ G20 Meltdown 1st April (Financial Fools Day) Meet at Cannon St. train station at 11AM and bring a pillow with you

Amsterdam: Info & discussion about Gentrification on 28th March (27.03.09)
--- What is gentrification? And why does it occur? Is gentrification just an academic concept or is the notion also of use to activists?

Amsterdam: Discussion on anti-squat practice in Molli (25.03.09)
--- ...formulate plans relating to this fucked up practice, addressing not only the real estate owners, but also the juridical system, and the politicians...

Missing friend (22.03.09)
--- Help find Jordane who has been missing since September.

Amsterdam: New Social Center in Amsterdam/Centrum squatted... Reclaim the city! (22.03.09)
--- …we are fighting for self organized spaces, that can be freed of the political, social and cultural conformity brought by enforced capitalist compliance…

Karlovy Vary (Czech): Empty houses displayed (19.03.09)
--- The idea of a squatters' real estate inspires groups in other towns

Amsterdam: The right to the city - Announcement and call to participate (15.03.09)
--- An event where we can show and debate the diversity of struggles against urban injustices

Berlin: 5000 people on the streets (15.03.09)
--- "United we stay!" demonstration

London: Attempted eviction at Rampart on 12th (15.03.09)
--- Yesterday there was an eviction attempt by owners at Rampart. It was a long battle but we are now back in full occupancy of the building.

Bristol: National Squat Meet is ON (15.03.09)
--- Millions homed inside your mansions - thats our vision of expansion!

Berlin: Liebig34 - news about the future of the project (03.03.09)
--- After months of negotiations whith the landlord G.Padovicz the inhabitants of Liebig 34 as well as the XB-collective and the infoshop „Daneben“ decided to accept a leasing contract for the next 10 years.

Tallinn (Estonia): Police raid in a social center (28.02.09)
--- On the evening of February 23rd about ten policemen entered an occupied house in Estonian capital.

Amsterdam: Call for help from Commelinstraat (19.02.09)
--- It is a large space with big potential for the community in the middle of the city. It is as well a politically important case for the future of squatting in Amsterdam.

Support Letter for Cox18 Social Centre (19.02.09)
--- We are writing to show our solidarity with the Cox18 Social Centre in Milan, and to support the permanent occupation of the space...

Copenhagen: Demonstration on 1st March 2009 (18.02.09)

Berlin: Call for Autonomous Demonstration on 14th March 2009 (15.02.09)
--- United we stay- Collective, offensive, subversive.

Milan: COX18 reoccupied! (14.02.09)
--- On the night of 13th and 14th February the social centre seized by 200 people

Bath: Illegal evicition of a new squat (14.02.09)
--- But for readers out there, the property is still ownerless and ripe for the taking...

Prague: Empty houses (13.02.09)
--- A squatters' real estate agency.

UK National Squat Meetup 2009: 14th-15th March (12.02.09)
--- Let’s meet and empower ourselves in our common struggle!

Erfurt:?Topf & Söhne?to?be?demolished? (05.02.09)
--- The?squatted?factory?(where?crematoriums?for?Nazi?death?camps?were?made),?a?reminder?of?atrocities,?facing?eviction?

Seoul (South Korea): Stop forced evictions and further death (03.02.09)
--- In South Korea, 5 people died while protesting against an imminent forced eviction...

Milan: Press release and background (29.01.09)
--- Cox 18, the Archive and the Calusca City Light Library are protected and defended by the active solidarity that has been expressed by the city in these days. Don’t touch them.

Flensburg: K4 evicted (28.01.09)
--- But this is just the beginning! The struggle continues!

Flensburg: New Social Center in Germany (27.01.09)
--- Since the beginning of this year an initiative is using the space of the Kurze Straße 4 in Flensburg for an autonomous social and culture center...

Milan: Cox18 is not for sale!! (24.01.09)
--- Historical centro sociale/squat Conchetta (also called Cox18) was evicted

Poznan: Eviction of a new squat (23.01.09)
--- 8 squatters arrested

Seoul: At least 5 people killed (20.01.09)
--- During an eviction, a fire spread in the squatted building

Amsterdam: Kinkerstraat squat (19.01.09)
--- Squat attacked and some squatters arrested

Poznan: Rozbrat squat communique (15.01.09)
--- Bailiff on the ground

London: RampART 2009 and beyond... (11.01.09)
--- Despite rumours to the contrary, rampART Social Centre and Creative Space is very much alive, well and ready to connect.

Oaxaca: New oaxacan social centre attacked by the cops... (11.01.09)
--- In the early morning of Monday, December 8, 2008, murderer Ulises Ruiz?s Oaxacan state government, through its Preventative and Municipal police, onboard various police pickup trucks and motorcycles, violently attacked those who live and work in the political and cultural space of the house located at 408 Crespo Street in the historic center of Oaxaca, ?Oaxacan Autonomous Solidarity House of Self-Sustaining (Autogestive) Work?.

Tel Aviv: A call for solidarity from BxA squat (26.12.08)
--- 5 activists are currently facing a law suit from the Tel Aviv municipality, that is suing them for property tax reaching half a million shekels (about 125,000$).

Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset courtcase (23.12.08)
--- 15 people sentenced

Amsterdam: Celebesstraat 33-36 facing eviction (27.11.08)
--- 27 november 2008 - On this day we will conduct a protest march against the eviction order for our house. Everybody come!

Bristol: 2 weeks of Rooftop Occupation. Public Meeting Called with P4P (27.11.08)

Bristol: Roof Top Resistance at 1 Week! (20.11.08)
--- They've been up there for a week! To draw attention to the continuing roof top occupation of 87 Ashley Road there will be daily demonstrations outside from 4pm-6pm. All welcome. Spread the word.

Prague: Police attacked the recently opened space Cibulka (19.11.08)
--- On Friday 14th November, police brutally entered the building while searching for a person that attacked an elderly lady in the neighbourhood

Bristol: 87 Ashley Road - The occupation continues! (18.11.08)
--- The roof of 87 Ashley road St Paul's Bristol continues to be occupied 120 hours (5 days) after the attempted eviction of the residents. The people on the roof are staying put in protest at the gentrification and destitution of our area.

Bristol: Eviction resistance (13.11.08)
--- On 12th November at 10.am police and bailiffs smashed their way into 87 Ashley Road evicting some of the occupants. Several people are on the roof...

Bristol: Space Invaders presents Opening the Doors to Autonomy (11.11.08)
--- Worried about the credit crisis, rising rents, food prices and mortgage repayments? Ever wondered about DIY alternatives to this mayhem?

Amsterdam: Direct action as a response to unwelcome visit (07.11.08)
--- Windows smashed and paintbombed of Ymere office

Prague: Police intervention in the squat Milada (06.11.08)
--- People searched during a party

Bristol: Squatter Speaks Out About Eviction Resistance (04.11.08)
--- I'm going to try and give few of my own thoughts on the situation. Who we are, what is the situation with this house, why do I squat...

Amsterdam: Re-squatting Van Boetzelaerstraat 2 & 20 (02.11.08)
--- Two houses squatted on 1st November

Copenhagen: Riots around Christiania after an eviction on 28th October 2008 (30.10.08)
--- After the police evicted a house in Christiania in the morning, Copenhagen saw yet another day of actions and night of rioting. For both police and activists this was a test of strengths and a taste of things to come as legal proceedings are getting more and more troublesome for the inhabitants of Christiania.

Bristol: When you threaten One you threaten All (29.10.08)
--- An attempted illegal eviction occurred at Unity Home. IT WAS RESISTED!

London: Police entered the Rampart on 28th October (29.10.08)
--- The social centre under threat of eviction any time

Oslo: Press release of the new squatted space Olaf (26.10.08)
--- Oslo housing action have been asked, through the media, that the occupation of Olaf Ryes Plass should be withdrawn...

New squat has been opened in Oslo (22.10.08)
--- After actions an a demonstration on 18th, a new space emerged.

Helsinki: Squatting actions... (22.10.08)
--- On friday 17th of october two houses were squatted in Helsinki during the tenth Night of the Homeless.

More news about Milada (20.10.08)
--- read here the latest news and infos !

Milada is calling for help! (16.10.08)
--- solidarity is our best weapon!

Amsterdam: Eviction wave (16.10.08)
--- Several spaces destroyed...

Amsterdam (NL): Joe's Garage/PS28 (11.10.08)
--- It is most likely that on Tuesday October 14th there will be an eviction wave. Pretoriusstraat 28, where Joe's Garage is located, will then be evicted.

Poznan (Poland): Alarm at Rozbrat again! (02.10.08)
--- Auction getting closer and closer!

London (UK): Some news from squatted spaces: (01.10.08)
--- Defend the Ramparts... Info Usurpa... New space in Camberwell...

Utrecht (NL): A march against a bill to ban squatting (01.10.08)
--- ...

Athens: You can?t bring us down! (25.09.08)
--- At Villa Amalias, about the first fire, the second fire and their reasons...

Berlin: Liebig34 stays ! (09.09.08)
--- The house project Liebig34 in Friedrichshain, Berlin is one of the last existing autonomous and separatistic women, lesbian and transgender collective in Europe...

Derbyshire (UK): One week to evict Bodge House ! (18.08.08)
--- Bodge House (Shipley) coal tunnellers evicted after week underground...

Lyon (France): The "Boulon" squat has been evicted by police special forces (GIPN) (15.08.08)
--- On august 12th, at 6am, dozens of cops came to evict the "Boulon" squat: classical CRS and special forces of GIPN !

Shoreditch (UK): Bowl Court evicted (11.08.08)
--- 40 high court bailiffs have evicted the Bowl Court squat in Shoreditch.

Derby (UK): Attempted eviction of the Bodge House (11.08.08)
--- Bodge House not dead!

Heraklion (Crete/Greece): Hands off our squat! (05.08.08)
--- On Tuesday 22 july 2008, the squat of Evaggelismos received a visit by a coterie of officials, constituted by the dean (and businessman) of the university of Crete, the vice chancellor, the local prosecuting attorney and some high-ranking cop, along with undercover cops and pressmen. Aim of this visit was, in their own words, to "warn us" for the oncoming evacuation of the building and "give us a two-week deadline" in order to abandon the squat...

Amsterdam: Permaculture workshop at Swomp4 (29.07.08)
--- On Saturday afternoon, Swomp4 held their first permaculture workshop, which was well attended by people of all age groups, from both Holland and around the globe. After an introductory talk about the principles of permaculture and biodiversity, there was a question and answer session, and links, contacts and tips were exchanged.

Copenhagen: We got a new house! (23.07.08)
--- On the 11th of June, it was decided in their city council to let us take over two buildings in the North western area of the city.

Amsterdam: Swomp4 direct environmental action (23.07.08)
--- Swomp4 direct action in the Rustenburgerstraat in Amsterdam squats piece of land and starts urban regeneration permaculture project.

Derby (UK): Eviction gets go ahead - Bodge House (21.07.08)
--- The group of direct activists occupying Lodge House opencast site since 18th june have declared that they are ready to resist eviction.

Hackney (London): Squatter's Protest at Stoke Newington Police Station (20.07.08)
--- Two people were arrested as police evicted a squat in Hackney today. Friends and supporters gathered at Stoke Newington Police station to demand their release.

Cheltenham (UK): Squatters illegally evicted from abandoned pub (20.07.08)
--- On July 17th at 14.00, squatters were illegally evicted from the Duke of York Inn, 315-317 London Road, Cheltenham, GL52 6YY.

Finland: Autonomous Actiondays from 29.7 to 2.8 (15.07.08)
--- Squatters of Helsinki invite you to Helsinki for five days lasting action days for autonomous free spaces, culture and freedom.

Bath: A new squatted social center has been opened in Frome (09.07.08)
--- The center is at 36, Somerset Road, near the junction with Weymouth Road. Just look for the huge banner and the red and black flag fluttering proudly from the roof!

Larissa (Greece): IKA squat evicted and demolished (09.07.08)
--- Heavy police forces raided the recently squatted building of IKA...

International call: Solidariy week against "anti-terrorist" repression in France (07.06.08)
--- You'll find below a letter from jail as well as an international call for action and solidarity with 4 people locked up in french jails since a few months.

Global summary of april2008-related actions throughout the world (06.05.08)
--- A great diversity of tactics were used, ranging from banner drops to sabotage actions, along with street theatre, exhibitions, food not bombs, parties and discussions. However, the april2008 week-end was predominantly filled with demonstrations, Reclaim The Streets and squatting actions! More than 30 new squats were opened, quite often in cities which lacked a squatted social centre, and/or where antisquat policies had previously made it harsh to occupy empty buildings. While some of them have been evicted already, some are still here fortunately!

Manchester: "Freedom of movement for all & Defend autonomous spaces" demo (19.04.08)
--- Last Saturday evening, up to 200 squatters and supporters followed our call for an unauthorised demonstration in the city centre. We were accompanied by a samba band (Rhythms of Resistance) and two soundsystems mounted on bike trailers. With the cops not bothering to show up, we marched undisturbed from Victoria Station into the Northern Quarter, along Market Street and Kings Street , through Spinningfields into Castlefields.

April2008: Reminder & additional information (10.04.08)
--- We're just a few days away from the april2008 action days. Hopefully, it's still time for a last minute reminder, with some additionnal information.

Berlin: Victory for Køpi ! (30.03.08)
--- After the auction in March 2007, and the following cancellations of the house contracts, the future of Køpi was unclear. But since then, the situation has changed in some concrete ways ? therefore this update.

Kopenhagen: BlokR action on april 3rd 2008 (30.03.08)
--- On march 16th, activists staged another preparation workshop for BlokR and everything looks to be coming together.

London: A new social centre under siege in Hackney (14.02.08)
--- A new autonomous space in Hackney sustained two violent attacks this week as representatives of both Howen Estates Ltd., and the Hackney Metropolitan Police attempted to forcibly and illegally gain entry to the newly opened social centre.

Leeds: National Squatters Meeting - 9-10 February 2008 (18.01.08)
--- So we are inviting people involved in all squatted autonomous spaces around the UK to meet and discuss the squatting situation and some preparation for the days of action in April. The idea for this meeting is inspired by the recent international meeting in Dijon.

Sevilla (Spain): Police Winkle Out Stubborn Squatters (18.01.08)
--- It took teams of policemen and fire-fighters nearly 38 hours to remove two squatters from an underground refuge at the end of a tunnel underneath the Casas Viejas building in the Macarena district close to Sevilla city centre that has been earmarked for conversion into residential properties and a community centre.

Berlin: One Struggle - One Fight (December 8th 2007) (18.12.07)
--- Police arrested 60 activists at random in a chaotic night for the Berlin police. the demo, 1000 strong was somewhat delayed by the huge police presence and was at a quick pace before the police surrounded the demo claiming that bottles and paint bombs were thrown at them.

April 2008: Call for decentralized squat days of action + invitation to preparation meeting this fall (02.10.07)
--- On Friday the 4th and Saturday the 5th of April 2008, we call for two days of demonstration, direct action, public information, street-party, squatting... in defence of free spaces and for an anti-capitalist popular culture...

Aubervilliers (Paris suburb): Eviction and Social Cleansing (09.09.07)
--- Here below is a call for solidarity for a recent threat of eviction of more than 80 families beacause of the social cleansing for the Rugby World Cup taking place in Paris. As already many evictions experienced in London for the preparation of the Olympic Degeneration (and many more evictions to come).

Amsterdam: 1 year party of the squat Barcelona! (06.09.07)
--- Whoa, never thought we'd actually get this far... But yep, we managed to survive a whole year. Time for a parrrrrty!

Geneva (CH): Eradication of alternative culture... (22.08.07)
--- With the eviction of Rhino, Cave 12 has been closed.

Geneva (CH): Call for mobilization against evictions (13.07.07)
--- La Tour evicted and others to come...

Helsinki (Finland): Telakkakatu 6 was evicted (30.06.07)
--- Today (28th of June 2007) early in the morning police evicted squat in Telakkakatu 6 with help of a helicopter of border guards.

London: Free Spaces, Squats and Social Centres (14.06.07)
--- News about squatted social centres in London...

Dijon (France): Let's defend the autonomous space "Les Tanneries" (28.03.07)
--- After nearly 9 years of existence, the squatted autonomous space "Les Tanneries" (in Dijon, France) is being threatened by a private medical pole, secretely planned by the city council.

Venice and Milan (Italy): Occupation of Danish consulates (06.03.07)
--- Today in Venice and Milan two actions of occupations of Danish consolates took place to claim the end of the heavy repression held by the Danish government and city council of Copenhagen towards activists who are fighting and resisting to defend social spaces (over 600 arrests, and many activists in custody).

Copenhagen: Police evicts social centre 'Ungdomshuset' (02.03.07)
--- After a long political and legal battle the basis-democratic, alternative political and cultural centre 'Ungdomshuset' was forcefully evicted by riot police and airborne anti-terror squads this morning. Ensuing demonstrations have seen large-scale confrontations between protestors and heavy-handed police, here is the full story from Copenhagen.

Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset eviction (01.03.07)
--- At 7 'o' clock this morning. Danish police, together with anti-terror para military forces, arrived at Ungdomshuset to begin the eviction. Tear gas was spray through windows and firefigthing equipment was used to spray the building. 4 Anti-terror police was lowered from a helicopter, while bulldozers stared to clear the barricades from below.

Alcorc?, Madrid: Demonstration supporting CSO Eskuela Taller, the squatters and occupied spaces (28.02.07)
--- Video-chronicle from La Plataforma

Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset communique (28.02.07)
--- Dear friends from near and far. WE'RE STILL HERE!

Barcelona: CSO El Baco, new social centre and community garden in horta per el Barco (23.02.07)
--- A new squatted social centre in Barcelona!

Lyon, France: Danish consulate occupied in solidarity with Ungdomshuset (21.02.07)
--- On Tuesday 20th (february 2007), a group of french squatters occupied the danish consulate in Lyon, to protest the threat of eviction against Ungdomshuset, demand the immediate drop of all charges against those detained during the struggle for the youth-house, and warn the danish state that its repressive actions will not go unanswered.

Barcelona: Solidarity action for Ungdomshuset at the Danish consulate (20.01.07)
--- Account summary of Ungdomshuset support initiatives in Barcelona: infonight & prisoner solidarity on January 11th, action at the Danish consulate on January 12th, 2007.

Copenhagen: Hackers support Ungdomshuset (19.01.07)
--- This fall a political struggle have gotten a lot of attention in Denmark and worldwide. The reason is the popularity of the squatted and occupied youth center Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen. This place have for 24 years served as a free cultural and social place arranging support gigs, community kitchens, kids parties, theatres, art shows and thousands of punk concerts.

Everything4Everyone in Response to the Dalston Lane Eviction (03.11.06)
--- Callout for continuing community action, and a new centre project

Dalston Lane Theatre Evicted, Hackney, London (02.11.06)
--- EVICTED: Dalston Lane historic theatre and the "Everything4Everyone" Community Centre

Dalston Lane Theatre Evicted, Hackney, London (02.11.06)
--- EVICTED: Dalston Lane historic theatre and the "Everything4Everyone" Community Centre

*Urgent Action Needed* Dalston Lane Theatre Squat Eviction, Hackney London (24.10.06)
--- Dalston Lane is a squatted historic theatre which serves as the "Everything4Everyone" Community Centre in Hackney, London

Preston, England: "Viva Six Fingers", new squatted social centre (16.10.06)
--- A few Anarchists in Preston have set up a squat which at the moment we are in the middle of repairing. The squat will be used as a social centre but help is required.

Copenhagen: Riots during a "Reclaim the streets" for Ungdomshuset (25.09.06)
--- These riots are a small taste of what's to come if a solution is not found. There is no way the house will be given up without a fight!

Korea: Houses demolished in Korean resistance to US base expansion (20.09.06)
--- As the Ministry of Defense's October 31 eviction deadline approaches, villagers continue to work in their gardens, organize the defense of their land, and prepare for a major national march in Seoul on September 24.

Attention!!!! (31.08.06)
--- Ungdomshuset is threatened by eviction!

Freiburg (Germany): Massive repression against the anarchist convention "DIY against the State" (08.08.06)
--- From July 26th to July 30th, an intergalactic festival of squatters, anarchists & miscellaneous activists took place in Freiburg im Beisgau, South Germany: "DIY against the state". It was meant to allow hundreds of participants to meet & share, putting forward the ideas of autonomous living, anticapitalist & anti-authoritatian struggles, through "do it yourself" practice. Tens of workshops, discussions, video-screenings and skill-shares were planned, together with actions & parties, throughout various alternatives venues in the city, like the KTS radical-left social centre, the Schattenparker wagenplatz, or the Susi housing co-op.

Budapest: Report from AK57 (28.06.06)
--- Article published in "Abolishing the borders from below".

Freiburg (Germany): D.I.Y. - against the State (20.06.06)
--- An intergalactical activist & anarchist convention in South Germany from 26th to 30th July.

Barcelona: Ruben writes a letter... (05.03.06)
--- "I'm writing from the prison of Can Brians, in the module number one, and i will make a brief summary since that shitty february 9th (the date of our kidnapping) up today (february 15th)".

Nantes (France): Why are we occupying the construction site of a prison? (20.02.06)
--- A group of several dozen people is currently occupying the trees which are on the future site of the E.P.M. (a prison for minors) d'Orvault, near to the city of Nantes (France), in an attempt to stop the construction. We want to show our opposition in a determined manner to the state and economic violence which is destroying our lives: imprisonment, misery, ghettoisation, the politics of "security", racism, wage labour...

Osaka, Japan: Declaration of Protest Against the Evictions (20.02.06)
--- On January 30th, 2006, mobilizing nearly 700 city employees, guardsmen and police against around 20 squatters in Utsubo Park and Osaka-jo Park, Osaka city forced through its eviction through so-called ?administrative action?.

Sao Paolo (Brazil): South America's largest squatted highrise building is under threat (20.02.06)
--- With its 468 families, accounting for more than 1600 previously homeless people, including children, elderly and disabled, the building will shortly be returned to its 'lawful' owner, Mr. Hamuche & Co.

The H40/Vestbredden history (so far...) (11.02.06)
--- On september 4th 1999 a group of homeless people, named Boligaksjonen, squated the vacant building at Hausmannsgate 40.

Grenoble, France: Interview with ex-400 Couverts squatters (29.01.06)
--- The interview was done in july 2005, a few weeks before the eviction.

No eviction of the Ex-Steffi! (05.01.06)
--- Leftist free space cannot be forbidden by law!

London: Eviction of St-Agnes Place (17.12.05)
--- On tuesday november 29th...

London: Eviction of St-Agnes Place (17.12.05)
--- On tuesday november 29th...

The hidden history of squatting in Ireland (1976-1996) (21.10.05)
--- TWENTY YEARS ago Dublin Corporation was forced to give tenancies of hundreds of squatters. Those people got themselves housed, not by pleading with politicians, but through direct action. Alan MacSimoin, who was one of the organisers of Dublin Squatters Association, remembers how they did it.

Budapest: New squat, solidarity needed ! (06.10.05)
--- A new squat is in conflict with the Baudapest mayor...

FISH exhibition project (26.09.05)
--- Last weeks, in Budapest, a group of people has established a community to organize the exhibition called FISH. This exhibition is going to take place in many cities and villages all over the world in the same time. We have already got in contact with squats and art communities in Scotland, Greek, Germany, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Slovakia and Italy.

Cape Town, South Africa: Western Cape communities uniting against lack of service delivery and housing (23.09.05)
--- KHAYELITSHA, CAPE TOWN, 17 SEPTEMBER 2005 - Decent Housing For All ? Now!

London: 56a Infoshop Gentrification Exhibition (22.09.05)
--- A Photographic Exhibition held with the South London Squatted Social Centre 56a Infoshop.

Barcelona: Okupaqueer has been evicted in february 2005 (30.08.05)
--- In Barcelone, the group called okupaqueer, that finally squatted a big house in Montgat (on the seaside, near to Barcelone) from september 04 to february 05, does not exist anymore, since the eviction.

Call for solidarity from Amsterdam / Holland (24.08.05)
--- On Friday July 14th 2005, ten people had to appear in the court of Amsterdam. They were prosecuted because of their participation in actions against the eviction of six squats in Amsterdam.

Cape Town, South Africa: No land! No house! No vote! (09.08.05)
--- The Cape Town collective of Indymedia South Africa has made a 'video newsletter' about recent housing struggles in the city.

--- new form WARSOW

Berlin: Yorckstrasse 59 evicted (08.06.05)
--- The project Yorckstrasse 59 in Berlin was evicted on June 6th 2005, at 4.30 in the morning. 60 people aged from 0 to 43, among them 11 children, lived in this former factory building...

South-Africa: Victory for Wynberg residents (19.05.05)
--- Direct action at the Johannesburg High Court forces judge to issue a decision: No case for an eviction order. But the judge bowed to the developers by allowing the proceedings to move to oral testimony from witnesses.

Athens, Greece: LK37 squat attacked by fascists (24.04.05)
--- No pasaran!

Grenoble, France: Demonstration against the eviction of "Les 400 couverts" squatted street, on april 30th (16.04.05)
--- This is an invitation, come on ! Rendez-vous at 1.30 PM in the 400 couverts street.

France: Account of coordinated inter-squat direct actions supporting the "400 couverts" in Grenoble (08.03.05)
--- Lots of direct actions happened in France on february 25th...

Goiania, Brasil: Violent eviction on february 16th (16.02.05)
--- 2 people killed ans 800 persons arrested...

new squat in setubal - portugal (04.02.05)
--- after lisbon, another successfull public overtake: avante , camaradas!

New squat in lisboa, portugal (31.12.04)
--- Old highschool turned into social center

Grenoble, France: A Minatec's crane has been occupied on monday december 13th (15.12.04)
--- Read here why...

New Squat in Beograd! (08.12.04)
--- kUDRUc social center in dowtown offers peoples kitchen and more

Dead end of the Klizma squat (07.12.04)
--- Famous St. Petersburg squat Klizma has been finaly evicted and fire damaged by local police

New Squat in Budapest (08.11.04)
--- yeah yeah yeah....

Squatted tent city in Tokyo, Japan (23.10.04)
--- 300 people live in tents in Yoyogi park

Amsterdam: The ASCII squat is getting evicted (12.10.04)
--- ASCII aka Amsterdam Subversive Center for Information Interchange has been evicted by the local police.

Grenoble, France: "400 couverts" squatted street under threat of eviction (10.10.04)
--- This text was written to inform the neighborhood and local people about the « 400 couverts » present situation but should be of interest for anyone who wants to know more about one of the creative experience and resistance of the french squat movement.

Barcelona: okupaqueer near the beach (15.09.04)
--- A new Palace has been squatted...

Thonon, France: The train-train will survive on winter (14.09.04)
--- The Train-train is fighting against threats of eviction...

Tufnell Park social centre evicted (London) (27.08.04)
--- 26 Aug 2004 - account and perspectives

South London: Use your Loaf social centre is facing eviction (19.08.04)
--- Presentation, current situation, and opening-times. Support "use your loaf"!

The Poison Club in Dalston lane was evicted at around 3:00pm 30.07.2004 (18.08.04)
--- Dalston junction in Hackney was closed off for some time

Squat Klizma at St Petersburg (Russia) in troubles! (03.08.04)
--- Report of a violent assault & eviction of a squat in St-Petersburg

Squatting in Tel-Aviv, Israel (03.08.04)
--- Some words about squats in Tel-Aviv

Netherlands: No new Anti Squatting Law (12.07.04)
--- legislation is not possible, not necessary and also not desirable

Brixton, London: The history of Cooltan Arts Centre (09.07.04)
--- From 1991 to 2004, the story of Cooltan Arts Centre.

London: New social centre opens this Friday 21st... (22.05.04)
--- Just over a week ago an unused building in East London was occupied by a group of international artists and activists with the aim of openning up a new social space. The building has been secured, tided up and some essential repairs made. The rampart was born...

Scotland: Faslane Peace Camp 22nd Birthday 7-13th of June (15.05.04)
--- Squatted anti-nuclear camp celebrates its 22nd birthday of occupation!

Vancouver, Canada: New Book on the Woodsquat (24.04.04)
--- A collection of documents related to the Woodsquat

London: call to the creation of a female-based squat (15.04.04)
--- "The Shifting Sisterhood"

London: new squatted social center provides a number of public activities (13.04.04)
--- 156- 158 Fortess Road, next to Tufnell Park underground station

Barcelona: "La Hamsa" squat threatened with eviction, not yet evicted (04.04.04)
--- Thanks to the resistance, eviction delayed

San Francisco: Squatters Demand Government Focus on Housing, Not War (27.03.04)
--- By Liam O'Donoghue

Squat "Pekarnia" (11.02.04)
--- still exists, but now with a new name "Klizma"

BARCELONA 2004 :: waiting for the rain (02.02.04)
--- How and why it was decided that in 2004, from May 9th to September 26th, Barcelona had to celebrate the "Universal Forum of Cultures".

Grenoble, France: urgent call to support a tree-squatting action against the destruction of a park (in order to build a stadium) (31.01.04)
--- Background situation and current situation + call to action!

London : Kitsch party at the Butt Plug Bar (18.01.04)
--- On january 23rd 2004.

squat action in Umeå in the north of Sweden (05.01.04)
--- Eviction prevented

European Communist Parties vs. Squats : European Social Forum Actions (04.12.03)
--- When the various European Communist Parties evict squats: action in support of the Ernst Kirchweger House, the only large squatted social center in Vienna, and the "La Charade" squat in St.-Martin d'Hères, during the ESF

European Communist Parties vs. Squats : European Social Forum Actions (04.12.03)
--- When the various European Communist Parties evict squats: action in support of the Ernst Kirchweger House, the only large squatted social center in Vienna, and the "La Charade" squat in St.-Martin d'Hères, during the ESF

European Communist Parties vs. Squats : European Social Forum Actions (04.12.03)
--- When the various European Communist Parties evict squats: action in support of the Ernst Kirchweger House, the only large squatted social center in Vienna, and the "La Charade" squat in St.-Martin d'Hères, during the ESF

New squatted social centre in central Manchester (02.12.03)
--- The kickstart cafe has started!

Councileviction threat The Flying Dog Utrecht [Nl] (21.11.03)
--- Vlampijpstraat is housing a skatepark, artists, bands and 17 habitants

Warsaw, Poland: Grrl punk festival in Fabryka squat (13.11.03)
--- 12-13 december, with lots of polish bands and workshops.

St-Petersburg: Eviction of the Pekarnja squat (11.11.03)
--- On Friday, the 7th, November 2003, the squatted house in Petersburg has been evicted.

Ontario: "GateKeeper" squat action media articles (10.11.03)
--- Press review on the action

Ontario: report on OCAP Squat Victory from Arrested Trade Unionist (10.11.03)
--- One of the arrested activists tell about the action

Ontario: OCAP takes 'Gatekeeper' Squat, MP vows conversion to social housing (10.11.03)
--- Report on a squat action by Ontario Coalition Against Poverty

The Netherlands: open squats (08.11.03)
--- 45 squats open their doors for interested people

Grenoble: A new squat has opened! (04.11.03)
--- It is called Golgoth-A-XXX and it's nice.

London: The Butt Plug Bar want YOU! (04.11.03)
--- The Butt Plug Bar takes place at Chinaman Squat in Hackney (14 Nov, 12 Dec, 23 Jan).

squat pekarnia update 301003 (30.10.03)
--- Squat Pekarnia - alert of eviction!

House occupied in St. Petersburg, Russia! (20.10.03)
--- Squat Pekarnja in former bakkery was opened in June

Possible new anti-squat law in the Netherlands (18.10.03)
--- Christian democrat wants to make squatting of commercial buildings illegal

Brussels: first squat opening of a week of pro-squat actions (17.10.03)
--- 150 people open an abandonned chocolate factory as the first of a series of squat actions in Brussels, Belgium

Bologna, Italy : Queerizing Party at TPO social squat. (17.10.03)
--- Sexy Shock Antagonist Shop Anniversary on november 8th 2003.

Barcelona : Demonstr-action against speculation and against evictions. (06.10.03)
--- Nou Barris, Barcelona, 30th september 2003.

Grenoble, france : A new anarchafeminist squat called "La Flibustière" (05.10.03)
--- Since the beginning of october, a new squatted takes place in south east of France. It's an only-women political project.

Barcelona : Fortnight of Fight against the evictions and in defense of free spaces. (16.09.03)
--- Two weeks of actions in Barcelona, in solidarity with all the squats! Here is the programm of the activities.

Brussels : the 39 rue du Fort' squat has been evicted (12.09.03)
--- Friday september 12th, the squat where the meetings for the week of squat actions happened has been evicted.

Brussels : Great Squats opening week in october 2003 (08.09.03)
--- Come in Brussels and open new squats!

Barcelona: Eviction order against Kasa de la Muntanya for the com?g 2nd of october. (06.09.03)
--- This is a communiqué from la Kasa de la Muntanya.

Save the Blauwe Aanslag (The Hague, NL) (30.08.03)
--- Call for action against eviction of the Blauwe Aanslag

New Squatted Social Centre in Australia (27.08.03)
--- 'Balloon Factory' in Newtown (near Sydney)

Squat landlord shot (17.08.03)
--- criminal real estate owner long term enemy of the Amsterdam squat movement

squat action in Malmö (03.08.03)
--- Anti-terrorist force evicted the squatters

Slovenia: AC Molotov evicted, AC Galicija opened! (02.08.03)
--- First days of occupation...

New squat in Ljubliana, Slovenia (31.07.03)
--- after the eviction of AC Molotov, a new social center is opened: AC Galicija

Bergen Housing Actions pages translated (27.07.03)
--- news from Bergen Housing Action (NOR), finally some of them in english

Toulouse, france : The Sextoy has been evicted today. (25.07.03)
--- The anarcho-queer squat from Toulouse has been evicted on july 25th.

Update from Montreals Tent City: Riot police evict Tent City; several reported arrests (07.07.03)
--- When housing crisis in Quebec keeps being answered the police way

Squats Cracked and Evicted in Eastern Canada (05.07.03)
--- Protest in support of squat actions in Canada

Squats Opened and Evicted in Eastern Canada (05.07.03)
--- because housing is a right and property is theft!

Amsterdam: Pink Light House needs help! (27.06.03)
--- The pink light house is a brand new queer squat collective, currently the only queer squat in Amsterdam!

squat taken in peterborough, ontario (20.06.03)
--- Anti-Poverty Activists Squat City Building in Peterborough, Ontario in Canada

Grenoble, France : La Charade has been evicted (19.06.03)
--- At 8 am on june 18th, la Charade has been evicted by dozens of cops...

"The house of the community", squatted house in Puerto Rico (18.06.03)
--- A squat-lettter from Puerto-Rico

Finland: Töölönkatu 51B evicted (18.06.03)
--- The latest attempt at a squatted place for young people in Helsinki ended in the eviction of Töölönkatu 51B.

--- by PCAP

Ontario: an appeal for solidarity action in support of OCAP members facing second trial on 'riot' charges (23.05.03)
--- OCAP communique

Help Sjakoo to survive (27.04.03)
--- The Amsterdam radical Bookshop

In Copenhagen, the Blue House organize its one year birthday... (02.03.03)
--- 1 year on the barricade - Actionweek 21-28 of March 2003

Demonstrations against police brutality and against evictions, in paris and Grenoble (France) (26.02.03)
--- In Paris, it's gonna happen on saturday march 15th, during the international day against police brutality. In Grenoble, it's gonna happen on saturday march 29th, during the Fraka festival.

Visit the Alternative Oslo (21.02.03)
--- Short scene report and call to solidarity

Queeruption Valentine sex(y) party, 14th feb. 2003 (06.02.03)
--- At new squatted venue, London.

Eviction in San Francisco (29.01.03)
--- The squat that was open in San Francisco for the last few months has been evicted.

London: radical dairy not evicted yet (14.01.03)
--- News on radical and community squatting in London!

Radical Anti-Fascist Action - Bialystok/Poland - Winter 2002/2003 (14.01.03)
--- An account on the polish antifascist movement

Slovenia: end of court process between AC MOLOTOV and it's owner (25.12.02)
--- Autonomna Cona Molotov is a squat in Ljubljana, which it's owner - Slovenian Railway Company (SRC) wanted to illegaly evict at 7.11.02.

March 15, 2003 - Seventh International Day Against Police Brutality (24.12.02)
--- March 15, 2003, marks the seventh year of this international day of protest and solidarity against police brutality.

Two Polish squatters imprisoned in Holland! (17.12.02)
--- Write to the prisoners!

OCAP Funding Appeal (16.12.02)
--- 2002 placed huge strains on OCAP's resources. [...]

Midnight Star Squatted Social Centre Evicted : 7.12.02 : Sydney, Australia. (09.12.02)
--- On Saturday 7 December 2002 the Midnight Star Social Centre was evicted. Around 25 OSG riot police forced their way in just after 7a.m, searched those inside for knives etc, tried to take down names, and gave them just a few minutes to get out. Within hours, the owners had enclosed the site with barbwire fencing and were refusing to allow people in to get their equipment. There were no injuries and no arrests were made.

Brazil: update bout the 2thousand families from Osasco (08.12.02)
--- City Hall from Guarulhos (PT) block the homeless from get their land

Brazil: Two thousand families were evicted in Osasco (07.12.02)
--- About two a thousand families who squatted a land in Osasco (near the city of S? Paulo) had been evicted this thursday, December 5th.

Poland: DeCentrum squat website online (01.12.02)
--- http://www.decentrum.most.org.pl

Victoria, Canada, Squatters Crack Arena (24.11.02)
--- 5 squatters have been arrested in Victoria, Canada, and are in need of solidarity. The squatters have multiple charges layed against them for possession of weapons, wearing masks, and "break and enter" (maximum sentence 14 years). Please send messages of support and your organization's endorsements of the squatters actions. Help defend the squatters!

Brief accound on the situation of squats in Poland (15.11.02)
--- From WARHEAD #17 (sept. 02)

Labo-A-Freakks, cé koi ? (14.11.02)
--- Un squat "queer" à St-Etienne...

Valencia : squatters jailed after eviction of a social center (04.11.02)
--- Urgent solidarity needed !

Toronto Pope Squat Raided, then retaken ! (04.11.02)
--- The Pope Squat in Toronto was raided on friday and the 25-odd occupants were forcibly evicted, on the grounds that the building was a fire hazard, and unsafe for human occupation.

Nation-Wide Squatting Campaign Begins in Canada! (30.10.02)
--- Nation-Wide Squatting Campaign Begins in Canada! [...]

Trouble in Valencia (25.10.02)
--- and have a look....

Police evicts a squat in Moscow using brutal violence (17.10.02)
--- Solidarity needed !

Carrickmines castle (11.10.02)
--- Occupation Carrickmines castle (Ireland)

Canada, Vancover, Wood Squat on Web. http://www.woodsquat.net (09.10.02)
--- Friends of the Woodwards Squat is pleased to announce a text-only info clearinghouse for the current housing action in Vancouver.

Quebec City: A squat short story (from Barricada #18) (04.10.02)
--- This article was printed in Barricada's new special double issue which is available now. Barricada is the monthly magazine of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC).

Canada, Vancouver, Woodwards Squat Requests Support (03.10.02)
--- We the Woodwards Squatters are struggling to sustain our presence outside the Woodwards Building in our fight for social housing and we need your help.

Canada, Toronto, Media, Michele Landsberg on the squat (30.09.02)

Canada, TENT CITY - an international call for solidarity (30.09.02)
--- Due to the urgency of this matter, please participate right away in this international call for action against Home Depot!

Canada, Vancouver, Legal fund for 'Woodward's 58' (30.09.02)
--- The squatters and their supporters have to return to court November 7, 2002 to face civil contempt charges. The two lawyers who have so far represented us cannot possibly handle all of our cases themselves.

Belgium: Opening of a new squat (27.09.02)
--- The Collectif "Le Boulet" presents: a new collective, creative and active living space.

TORONTO: Tent City Evicted! (26.09.02)
--- This has been a really bad week for squatters in Canada. [...]

Brutal Repression of Homeless and Woodwards Squatters in Vancouver, Canada (26.09.02)
--- At 6 am on the morning of Saturday September 21, 2002, Vancouver riot police broke through barricades and arrested the squatters inside the old Woodwards building.

Brutal Repression of Homeless and Woodwards Squatters in Vancouver, Canada (24.09.02)
--- Eviction in Vancouver, Canada

News from Vancouver (19.09.02)
--- read this...!!!

Poland, blockade of eviction in Wroclaw (17.09.02)
--- Today a dozen anarchists and squatters managed to prevent the eviction of Ms. Barbara Markiewicz, a pensioner living in mid-town Wroclaw, who was unable to pay rent.

Woodwards Building Squatted in Vancouver, Canada (16.09.02)
--- On Saturday, September 14, 2002, a group of homeless people and activists occupied a huge department building in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside that has been vacant for 9 years.

Occupied social centers in Argentina (10.09.02)
--- From December we began to see a new form of political intervention, after the cacerolazos are born the assemblies, soon the interbarrial of assemblies, and now the phenomenon of the "assemblies okupas". [...]

Pope Squat: Lobby Day and Rally at City Council Meeting (10.09.02)
--- two important actions to put the pope squat at the top of council's agenda

AC Molotov squat update : first trial (10.09.02)
--- Yesterday, 6.9., we had a first trial in the case: AC Molotov (a squat in Ljubljana, Slovenia, which they want to evict since 11.7.) against its owner Slovenske Zeleznice (SZ; Slovenian Railway Company). [...]

Report on criminalization of anarchist and anti-fascist community in Bialystok/Poland with some history of Anti-Fascist resistance by ABC Bialystok (10.09.02)
--- Bialystok is a 300 000 city in North-East of Poland. It has proud history of Anti-Fascist resistance going back to II World War. In present times we can see again old monsters rising their ugly heads. [...]

Repression against Gypsies in Belgrade and protests (10.09.02)
--- A personnal account on some recent developments in the situation of Gypsies in Belgrade

EVICTION IN LISBON (Portugal) (05.09.02)
--- The only squatted centre in Lisbon "KASA ENKANTADA", was evicted and destroyed in 28 of august after 5 years of squating.

(Toronto) Push on to uncover city's potential squats (29.08.02)
--- Dilapidated buildings have been sitting empty for years throughout Toronto, dumped by owners unwilling to finance their maintenance and repair.

2 Pope Squat appeals: City Council (Sept 12) and renovations. (27.08.02)
--- Help Put The Pope Squat At The Top Of City Council's Agenda: Sept 12th & POPE SQUAT RENOVATIONS ARE UNDERWAY: AN URGENT APPEAL FOR HELP

City inspectors visit the Pope Squat. (27.08.02)
--- August 20, 2002

NEW: Pope Squat Update & Events (27.08.02)
--- August 20th, 2002

NYC Sells 11 Buildings to Squatters for $11 (23.08.02)
--- The city has sold 11 apartment buildings on the Lower East Side for $1 a piece to a nonprofit developer, which will turn them over to squatters, many of whom have lived there illegally for years.

auckland occupation : capitalism?…no thanks, burn you loser john banks (19.08.02)
--- Several members of Auckland’s Class War Youth Anarchist Organisation were involved in the planning and execution of the successful open occupation of 33-59 Beresford Street (a block of empty pensioner flats) on Feb 27-28.

Canada, Montreal, Media: Eight squatters arrested after reak-in at abandoned Montreal building (15.08.02)
--- MONTREAL August 11, 2002 - (CP) - Eight squatters - with no place to live- were arrested Friday as they attempted to re-occupy an abandoned east-end building to protest a lack of affordable housing in Montreal.

Canada, Media, The Hope Squat. (14.08.02)
--- (Editorial - Parkdale Liberty)

--- Since the end of July, the squat of L.K. 37 is confronted with a repressive project

Canada, Toronto, MEDIA, Squatters clean, repair building (09.08.02)
--- An article from thestar.com

Canada, Toronto, Pope Squat Update, Wednesday. August 7th, 2002. (09.08.02)
--- On Tuesday August 6th, Squatters from the "Pope Squat" at 1510 King Street West, The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty and many allies made a strong showing of the wide support that the ongoing housing occupation enjoys.

--- Families stand up for their right to housing and resist !

L.K. 37 squat (Athens) under repression - NO PASARAN! (08.08.02)
--- Description of the situation in Athens

--- Since the end of July, the squat of L.K. 37 is confronted with a repressive...

Canada, Toronto, Pope Squat Friday report, August 2nd, 2002 (05.08.02)
--- Pope Squat Friday report, August 2nd, 2002

CLAC Radio - Pope Squat! (05.08.02)
--- "When the government refuses to build housing, people have no choice but to take it themselves."

Support needed for KRZYK squat in POLAND... (03.08.02)
--- ...facing destruction !

--- Molotov is still standing !

Canada, The Prefontaine & Overdale Squats in Montreal--AnAnalysis (29.07.02)
--- (From the latest issue of Anarchy: A Journal of Desire Armed at http://www.anarchymag.org/53/squats.html)

Canada, Toronto, Pope Squat Street Festival on Now!!! (29.07.02)
--- The festival has begun...

CANADA, TORONTO: 'Pope Squat' establishes new social housing in Toronto ! (27.07.02)
--- Squat movement in Toronto continues...

Slovenia, ljubljana, eviction of Molotov? (25.07.02)
--- Message from one of the squatters

THE POPE SQUAT (22.07.02)
--- New squat in Toronto/Kanada

Canada, Toronto, Radical Garage Sale at the Pope Squat (21.07.02)
--- Bring your unused stuff to sell or barter at the...

Pope Squat Radical Street Festival! (21.07.02)
--- Come celebrate the opening of the Pope Squat!

Canada, Quebec City! A new infoshop comes to life (19.07.02)
--- infokiosks and squats in quebec...

Carnaval des Affames, Montpellier : Nouvelles et action (19.07.02)
--- Expulsion a retardement...

SCAN in Melbourne - Social Centre talk (15.07.02)
--- social centres and autonomous organising - the midnight star social centre experience

Slovenia : AC Molotov needs you! (15.07.02)
--- Squat under big threat - occupants under siege - help needed

Slovenia, URGENT ACTION : activist squat eviction in process! (15.07.02)
--- Show your support to prevent the eviction !

Squat action in Kassel against the documenta11 exhibition (11.07.02)
--- against commercial elites, let's create free creation spaces !

Canada, Ottawa, CLAC Radio - Take the Capital! (10.07.02)
--- Days of action review

A note of eviction of squat in Ljubljana, Slovenija (07.07.02)

Canada, Fighting the Housing Crisis in Montreal - SQUAT! (06.07.02)
--- a new squat opened in Montreal

Canada, Ottawa, Legal Update (05.07.02)
--- Squatters face harsh charge conditions

Canada, Ottawa, 7 Year Squat Evicted by Riot Police (05.07.02)
--- report + links

Ottawa: 7-Year Squat update (03.07.02)
--- Sun, 30 Jun 2002

Canada, Toronto, OCAP letter to Police Intelligence: Pope Squat (03.07.02)
--- [or the smell of pigs]

Ottawa : more infos on the squat action (27.06.02)
--- links to ottawa.indymedia.org

Ottawa : squat against the G8 ! (27.06.02)
--- A squat has been opened in an unoccupied building at 246 Gilmour street in Downtown Ottawa, resisting the housing crisis and drawing the links between this crisis and the G8.


TORINO: 29/6 Street pary against repression (19.06.02)
--- Squat evicted, judiciary repression, arrestation...

Dijon : 3 days of autonomy and freedom of movements against control and racist politics (18.06.02)
--- Squatted social centre "Les Tanneries" organises an event around its activities and the NoBorder camp

Canada, Quebec City, "The occupation is helping us" --housing coop chairman (02.06.02)
--- Successful assembly report

Canada, Toronto, Call to open the Pope squat. Saturday, July 27, 2002 (29.05.02)
--- The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty announces a direct action to protest discriminatory city politics and take back some space for poor people to use as a creative potential

Canada, Quebec City occupation stay strong (29.05.02)
--- Support growing - city creating projects

Canada, Quebec City occupied building safe, -- fire departement (24.05.02)
--- Quebec squat won't be evicted - at least in the very near future

Building occupation in Quebec City: The resistance continue (24.05.02)
--- Towards victory ?

Canada, Successful building take over in Quebec City (23.05.02)
--- Canadian squatting movement makes another point !

Squat and anarchist news from Poland (16.05.02)
--- Excerpts from WARHEAD - May 2002 issue #16

HOUSING (GENEVA) (12.05.02)
--- 2d meeting in order to organise the demonstration and other activities (at Bistr?OK, RHINO, 24 bd. des Philosophes, GE)

Addresses of squatters' cafes etc. (07.05.02)
--- A link to some other squat web-resources !

Geneva: Rue Rousseau 5 is beeing evicted (06.05.02)
--- protest breakfast

Wellington, New Zealand : repression against a "reclaim the building" action (04.05.02)

RHINO (29.04.02)
--- the emblematic Genevan squat is threatened by eviction

Join the Midnight Star Social Centre OCCUPATION! (25.04.02)
--- Support the Social centre Autonomous Network, Anarchists and autonomists as they fight off eviction

Leeds, UK : A-Spire alive again ! (21.04.02)
--- Festival - activities - revolt !

Kopenhagen squatters (06.04.02)
--- ?oulevarden 37 squatted for the 7th time

RADIO 100 Police Raid Attempted (Amsterdam) (21.03.02)
--- Amsterdam squatters radio stations will broadcast together on thursday 21-03-2002

Victory for Campaign as Delft South evictions (ZA) and auctions stopped! (17.03.02)
--- indymedia South Africa

Grand midnight star social centre squatted (18.02.02)
--- some news from sydney !!!

Suqat opened (and left again) by anarchists an porto allegre (02.02.02)
--- during the PGA counter summit housing is reclaimed for the homeless, porto alegre, the supposed social democratic paradise, shows it's ugly side: hundred of riot cops

Freeplace Koppenhinksteeg must stay! (27.01.02)
--- Demonstration Leiden (nl)

Campaign for the autonomist center 'Free Dom' (27.01.02)
--- Wroclaw

News from Berlin (16.01.02)
--- Call for a demonstration "BUILD UP THE LEFT - DEFEND RIGAER94!" on 26.01.02 in Berlin

Emergency housing in Brussels : squat opened and evicted (14.12.01)
--- Cops evicted a building that was squatted by demonstrators against the EU summit

New year's days in Turin (13.12.01)
--- Fiestas, actions, and something else in Turin, BELLA VITA!

Huilerie Occupée in Marseille. (06.12.01)
--- Police violence, arbitrary arrest and attempt to evict

squat attempts in Sweden (15.11.01)
--- Malmö

[Sydney - Australia] (06.11.01)
--- News from Australia....-----> have a look !!

Bialystok/Poland : De Centrum squat still fighting ! (03.11.01)
--- New police operation against this squat...

Squatted social centre Koivula in Helsinki evicted 15.10.2001 (21.10.01)
--- Helsinki

update about the squat in Brasil (Anita Garibaldi) (14.10.01)
--- A* datiert 20.08,2001

Apartment Building squatted in Helsinki (02.09.01)
--- squat.net/valtaus

Ascii internet work place and Bookshop Fort van Sjakoo (amsterdam) threatened with eviction (21.08.01)
--- landlord demands 900% rent increase

Bialystok/Poland - a squat raided by police, then reoccupied by angry squatters (10.08.01)
--- Squatters now need solidarity to carry on with their actions and resist the auction of the squat

Bialystok/Poland- De Centrum squat raided by police (07.08.01)
--- 2 people were detained

Instant release of all individuals that were arrested during the demonstrations against the G-8 meeting in Genua! (07.08.01)
--- The violent actions of the police during the G-8 meeting in Genua show that the large protest movements against the politics of the leading industrial nations are in this case being stopped and hindered by violence on the street and torture of arrested individuals if necessary.

Italian consulate in Amsterdam still occupied. Update: consulate evicted (01.08.01)
--- tonight: street party to support the people in jail and in the Consulate

Montreal: Housing Action Re-Appropriates Empty Downtown Building (28.07.01)
--- Three story historic building squatted in downtown Montreal

Giant landsquat in Brasil (03.07.01)
--- Anita Garibaldi: history and organisation

Two demonstrators arrested in Den Haag (17.06.01)
--- Gothenburg solidarity demo

The Button Factory squat evicted in London (18.05.01)
--- Squat Demolished by Police after a huge disinformation campaign

Leeuwenhoek (amsterdam): one year later (13.05.01)
--- even less social housing in the Leeuwenhoekstraat

Political parties support eviction of political centre Vrankrijk (30.03.01)
--- re-squat action planned

Exhibition of squatting 10 - 13 May, Pamplona (22.03.01)
--- Invitation to a squat-event !

Political-cultural Center VRANKRIJK under threat (17.03.01)
--- Vrankrijk troubles

All together for housing (08.03.01)
--- 150 people occupy

Squat Gazpacho in Barcelona evicted on Febraury 28 th (01.03.01)
--- Demonstration will be on March 9 th at 6pm!

Open letter to the chief of police, Mr.Schnabel (EKH, vienna) (28.02.01)
--- Owner of the Golden Key to the E.K.H. (given to him at a public discussion about police brutality and youth)

What the hell is "Opernball" ? (28.02.01)
--- Every year is a special high society event in vienna: the "opernball"

Short summary of the raid in EKH in vienna (austria) (28.02.01)
--- Related to the "Opernball" was a raid in the Ernst-Kirchwegerhaus in vienna.

Squatted House in Santiago de Chile (26.02.01)
--- A short description from our southamerican corespondent.

--- show your support

squatting/street scene in Portland (23.01.01)
--- 'squatting in Portland is not all that bad'

Amsterdam - Evictions stir up sympathy for the squatters with a social conscience (18.01.01)
--- The independent about squatting in Amsterdam, Jan 15.

Amsterdam's squatters run out of time and space (17.01.01)
--- Financial times about the eviction of Planet Hollywood (Amsterdam)

International squatters mailing list (26.12.00)
--- Multilingual list with info about squatting started 26.12.00

Big squat actions in Amsterdam and Zaandam (15.12.00)
--- former restaurant Planet Hollywood squatted and evicted

Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen, DK) sold (23.11.00)
--- Council tries to get rid of Ungdomshuset

Ladronka (Praha) evicted (09.11.00)
--- Solidarity actions are welcomed

News about tent city in Seattle (05.11.00)
--- Over 100 individuals have erected dozens of tents - and receive astronomical fines

New squat in Paris! (03.11.00)
--- A brand new place is born in Paris

Eviction of the Kalenderpanden in Amsterdam - now and today - (31.10.00)
--- The announced eviction of the Kalenderpanden in Amsterdam is now going on - The hot mix of teargas, burning wood and old cofee is in the air - now!!

Demo Milano Saturday 14 october (09.10.00)
--- Demo Milano 14-10-2000

weetwee squat gallery amsterdam - antieviction exhibition (06.10.00)
--- 12. october comes negative decision of the court

2500 people show support for the Kalenderpanden (01.10.00)
--- demonstration in rainy Amsterdam

squatters action weekend in Amsterdam (30.09.00)
--- report on saturday so far

Action days in Amsterdam: Kick off (29.09.00)
--- squatters occupy council office, empty building, council bar and a luxury restaurant

Squatters threatened with eviction (28.09.00)
--- Squatters threatened with eviction in the Olympic city are successfully resisting Council attempts to kick them out.

Program for the squatters Days in Amsterdam this weekend (28.09.00)
--- The newest squatters agenda for Amsterdam

Metropolix (Milano) evicted. (17.09.00)
--- Metropolix evicted.

No eviction for the Kalenderpanden in Amsterdam (12.09.00)
--- pamflet written by the squatters of the Kalenderpanden/entrepotdok in Amsterdam

Sydney squatters remain defiant (11.09.00)
--- The police consider the squats a security risk for the Olympics

weetwee squat-art gallery evicted in october!? (09.09.00)
--- reason: storage/office for a building company

Broadway Evictions halted by residents (Sydney) (29.08.00)
--- news from http://sydney.indymedia.org/

Four Sydney squats are faced with eviction on Monday morning (26.08.00)
--- News from the SHAC (Sydney Housing Action Collective)

--- Tarragona, Spain.

--- La Bordeta, Sants district.

Blitz (Oslo) threatened with eviction (15.08.00)
--- New plan to evict the autonomous youth house in Oslo

Southern African leaders have come out strongly in support of Mugabe's controversial land reform program (08.08.00)
--- Zim land reform (Daily mail& guardian)

New squat in Leuven (Be) (06.08.00)
--- festival 13.8-15.8

Eviction of the squat LA DESKARREGA, Sabadell, Spain. (31.07.00)
--- Bullshit...

--- First case about squatting taken to court in Portugal.

Eviction of CSO TORREBLANCA, Barcelona. (24.07.00)

Some news about squats in Lissabon (21.07.00)
--- + general information

--- The squat "El Palomar" is about to be evicted.

--- Another eviction in Catalu? (Molins de Rei/ Baix Llobregat)

New squat in Portugalete, Spain. (19.07.00)
--- The group AMETS squats!

New squat in London (18.07.00)
--- Lot of work to be done...

Another eviction in Barcelona. (07.07.00)
--- On the 4th of july the Kunterbunt, in Gracia (Barcelona), was evicted.

Amsterdam eviction by 150 riot police (28.06.00)
--- Swammerdam squatters barricade neighbourhood and resist police for 6 hours

--- in St.Cugat? BARCELONA

New squat LA GOTERA, in Ortuella, Euskadi. (21.06.00)
--- Succesful!!!

Demo in Barcelona (17/6) against POLICE POWER (21.06.00)
--- On the 20th, 21st and 22nd some squatters are taken to court.

FOOD NOT COPS! (18.06.00)
--- Squatted Amsterdam neighbourhood resists police intimidation and carries on garden-partying!

RECLAIM THE STREETS in Zaragoza, Spain. (16.06.00)
--- Riots asking for costless public transport.

Squat attempt in Zaragoza, Spain. (16.06.00)
--- Evicted after few hours...

--- Riots against the latest mesures of the government.

La Fabrika, the squat in Kastell? Spain. (14.06.00)
--- Fun time in Castell?

New squat in Utrecht (Nl) (10.06.00)
--- Wester Asfabriek: squatted industrial building and travellers site

Squat the DAM square in Amsterdam!!! DAM TE KRAAK! (07.06.00)
--- At the time of world bicycle conference and festival 18. june 18.00 p.m.

Denmark: law against wearing masks at demonstrations (25.05.00)
--- Masked demonstration against the law on saturday 27-5-00

Community of Basque squatted villages in resistance (21.05.00)
--- two out of five villages threatened. The evictions are expected to be in june/july

Squatting demonstration in Oslo, June the 3rd (13.05.00)
--- No to the free housing market policy

Mugabe - sinned against as well as sinning? (10.05.00)
--- Land Squatting in Zimbabwe

--- News from Washigton

Global Action Day (16.04.00)
--- Festival in the western part of the Ruhrpot. 30-4

--- New Squat in Old Oslo

Squat attempt in Sweden (31.03.00)
--- ... unsuccessful ...

--- new Metropolix squat in Milano

Some informations from greece (28.02.00)
--- 2 squats in athens and 2 in thesalonici

New squatted center in Cologne (25.02.00)
--- Some news from the squat action in "Venloer Strasse"

SOS ITOIZ European Tour (25.02.00)
--- Protest at Vatican Dome

Uppenbergschool in Münster (Germany) evicted (11.02.00)
--- 200 Policemen vs. 30 Squatters

How to learn out of war? (11.02.00)
--- Multicultural Meeting point and Learning Center for communication and peaceful understanding

No evictionwarrant for the 'Kalenderpanden' (Amsterdam) (10.02.00)
--- evictionproces continues on 10.4

Fresh news from austria: (07.02.00)
--- On site reports from Vienna rallies against the new government

Groenfront-squats will be evicted on tuesday 8.2 (07.02.00)
--- Protest against new railway track

Actions in Vienna against the new government (07.02.00)
--- A little Chronic

--- ABB multinational builds another concrete monster

--- On monday morning around 10:30 AM a longstanding Sydney squat was raided and the squatters were forced to leave

e-mailaction against eviction of the 'Kalenderpanden' Entrepotdok (Amsterdam) (26.01.00)
--- subcultural stuff

--- against the itoiz reservoir project

squatters Entrepotdok squat part of the City Hall (23.01.00)
--- Empty part of the City Hall of Amsterdam in use as information point

Squatters barricade the house of the mayor of Amsterdam (12.01.00)
--- Entrepotdok-squatters sent a letter to the council in an unorthodox way

Milleniums-Squat in Muenster (07.01.00)
--- Old school squat in old school...

letter from Collectif Solidarios con Itoiz (28.12.99)
--- Stop the powerplant project in Navarra

No eviction Entrepotdok! (Netherlands) (21.12.99)
--- Squatters demonstration on 29-1-00 in Amsterdam

Anti-Betuweline Campaign Update 12/12/99 (14.12.99)
--- eight squats threatened with eviction

5 buildings re-squatted in innercity of Amsterdam (12.12.99)
--- Police ready to evict 'Kolk'-buildings

Council wants squatters to leave (11.12.99)
--- Entrepotdok fighting luxury appartment plans

Squatters' week of success ends with impasse - (10.12.99)
--- Landlord reneges on agreements

Squatting in Seattle (09.12.99)
--- 2 articles from the Seattle Times from 3 and 5 december

Zaandam (nl) squat illegally evicted and resquatted (07.12.99)
--- Building company 'De Wit' tries to evict squatters again

anti-WTO actions reports in France. (07.12.99)
--- Maloka-newsletter

Squat 'Het Paard' in Amsterdam will be expropriated (24.11.99)
--- Council gives in for the demands of the squatters

New English booklet on Squat!net (14.11.99)
--- "Houses occupation- Liberation?" 1977

Social anger and protests lead to Copenhagen riots (09.11.99)
--- Some background informations to the riots in Copenhagen

Protesters damage storefronts on Copenhagen street (08.11.99)
--- Riots in Kopenhagen, from AP-Newsticker

Ungdomshuset will be sold to the highest bidder (31.10.99)
--- no rescue plan for Ungdomshuset

Betuweline Campaign Update (29.10.99)
--- Squatting against a useless trainline in the Netherlands

Hunting down the riot women (22.10.99)
--- - Humanhunt on Londons Police Website - Fuck the police!! -

The Story of the Squatted OLVG + Eviction Activities (16.10.99)
--- on Mon 18th Oct: the OLVG ANTI-EVICTION LAST PARTY & BREAKFAST... starring: A'dam riot Police

Eviction of the biggest squat of the Netherlands, the OLVG (15.10.99)
--- Tuesday the 19th the cops will invade a squatted hospital in Amsterdam

OLVG Actionday in the Netherlands (14.10.99)
--- On the next tuesday, an evictionday in A'dam, several actions will gon on in A'dam

Squat in Oslo evicted,squatters don't give up (11.10.99)
--- Police violence at the eviction of Saxegaardsgate

New squat in Berlin evicted after 6 hours. (11.10.99)
--- Neue Bahnhofstrasse 1 lasted only 6 ours

The new poster for the Køpi-Demonstration.. (11.10.99)
--- "Do the right thing" - Fight against the Eviction of Køpi

Again auction of Koepi squat in Berlin (01.10.99)
--- Commerzbank puts Koepi squat again up for public sale

Entrepotdok lost important courtcase (30.09.99)
--- Judge gives permission for demolition

Squat-action in Oslo (06.09.99)
--- 'Boligaksjonen 2000' occupied a 15 year empty building

Estate agency for squatters opens for business (06.09.99)
--- article from the Big Issue

Ladronka (Czech republic) threathened by eviction (25.08.99)
--- The building is sold to Sante s.r.o.

121 Social Center in Brixton Evicted... (13.08.99)

Some news from Mallorca (27.07.99)
--- In Palma de Mallorca are two squatted Houses - An interview

Squatters of the Horse at the Amtel(Amsterdam NL) convicted (24.07.99)
--- Defenders during eviction convicted to 4 weeks in prison.

Squattersdays in Utrecht (NL) (22.07.99)
--- From 13th till 16th August the squatting days in Utrecht (NL) will take place!

'Paard' in Amsterdam re-squatted friday night (16.07.99)
--- Still 4 people in jail, re-squat succesfull

eviction day in Amsterdam (16.07.99)
--- still some people in jail

Some News from the Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen, DK) (14.07.99)
--- The Ungdomshuset, a autonomous youth center in Kopenhagen, should be closed

Les Tanneries in Dijon needs support (25.06.99)
--- squatted center is facing eviction

Kosovo Peace Accord (Z, July '99) (12.06.99)
--- By Noam Chomsky

Sussex (06.06.99)
--- Sussex University Occupation

Hotel Bosch (27.05.99)
--- Burglary to support the Arnhem-Squat Hotel Bosch

Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen) - some pictures from the demonstration, 20th May 99 (24.05.99)
--- Obviously it's allowed to mumm your faces in Danmark

Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen) threatend by eviction (24.05.99)
--- Ungdomshuset is fighting for survival.

Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen) threatend by eviction (19.05.99)
--- They want to evict our Youth Center - they can evict the cityhall

--- Diggers leave after decision High Court Master that no eviction would take place until Friday 16 April.

--- Some news, adapted from the squatters embassy

REMINDER - 121 STREET PARTY (02.04.99)

Infos on ADM (Amsterdam, NL) (02.04.99)
--- Cooperation between the owner of ADM and the council!

121 Social Center needs help (27.03.99)
--- Some news from 121 Social Center

---  news from 121 social center

 Maloka, a squatt in Dijon

--- Maloka presents their squatt


--- The house will be put up for auction on february

 News from Trondheim

--- Informations from Norway

 News from Amsterdam

--- Information on Squats in A'dam

 Squat Evicted, Dog Shot And Killed

--- Police Fired Shots During Squat Eviction In Berlin!!!

 Charges Against 'Interim' Magazine Have Been Dropped

--- fuck?m and their law!!!

 South Bronx Squats in New York evicted

--- support the people of South Bronx Squats!!!

 SPICHERNSTRASSE (Cologne) is squatted

--- We give a home to our future

 Fire in ex squatted House

--- In the ex squatted house in the Rigaerstrasse 80 in friedrichshain a fire started...

 There is a squat going on in Norway!

--- An english article about the new squat in Norway

 Infos on the german squatter scene

--- An english article from a newspaper...

 Youthcenter 'Korax' from Erfurth could be evicted next time!

--- from people of the 'Korax'

 Unkonwn suspects ravaged departmentstore in Leipzig

--- from Berliner Zeitung

 Rampage in Hamburg

--- from Taz-newspaper

October 3rd: fire and flames in Berlin

--- written by Arm The Spirit from press reports

 News about the 07.29.97

--- The Pigs evicted 3 of the last squats in the city

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