CLAC Radio - Pope Squat!

CLAC Radio - Pope Squat!
"When the government refuses to build housing, people have no choice but to take it themselves."

This program focuses on the Pope Squat an action organized by OCAP (The Ontario Coalition Against Poverty). The Pope Squat was opened on June 25th while the festivities of World Youth Day & the Pope’s visit were occurring and the eyes of the world were focused on Toronto. The Pope Squat highlights the brutal realities of homelessness & poverty in the City of Toronto.

The realities of poverty & homelessness are outlined on the OCAP website; Toronto is in a housing crisis. The cost of rent is out of control. Landlords are not being forced to make repairs. The minimum wage has been frozen for more than 5 years. Families are falling deeper into poverty and more and more people are dying in the streets.

This program features an interview and speech given by Sarah Vance an organizer with the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. This program gives an overview of the day the Pope Squat was opened, the activities & events which have been organized around the Pope Squat and the plans for the future which OCAP and those living at the Pope Squat are working toward.

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