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A look at two days of action against the G8 in Ottawa on June 26 & 27 2002 This program features the Take the Capital! days of action in Ottawa which took place on June 26 & 27. The program highlights the squat action which took place on June 26th during the massive snake march which shut down Ottawa city center. The program features Dan Sawyer an activist involved with Anti-Capitalist Community Action an Ottawa based organization which had a leading role in planning and maintaining the ³7 Year Squat!² in Ottawa. The squat update was recorded during the day on July 2nd the day before the riot police came and violently evicted those people who had begun to make the ³7 Year Squat² their home.

The program also features an interview with Stefanie from OCAP (the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty) who speaks about the days of action in Ottawa on June 27th ³No One is Illegal!². The interview also goes into some detail about the immigration casework which OCAP has been involved in for some time as they have been active in defending the right of those who have been dubbed ³illegal² by the government of Canada.

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