New Squat in Beograd!

the comrades write:

Hi !

after we got kicked by junkies from the last squat in dobracina street. We squated the new building in Kralja milutina 18 the website is

The new squat is better then the old one, and we have electricity, water, and some program. Although most ppl come to drink and get high. So i think its a gathering place of a new activism here in serbia. We r next to caffe called dzkc, in the centre of the city, and next to us live some roma ppl they squated the building next to us too. So if u wish to come to sleep,to do the workshop or eat for free you are welcome, just send an email before u come , that would be nice at :

send an email at

the name of the squat is kudruc, cultural artistic social centre. or if u r chaos punks, crusties, then u can contact me at hehe

bye bye from serbia


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