Bialystok/Poland : De Centrum squat still fighting !

On October 27th, big police forces attacked the De Centrum squat (in Bialystok, Poland) after small scuffles with police officers outside, when cops tried to enter the building with drawn pistol without any warrant and doors were closed before them. Riot police and special units were deployed and after negotiations didn't have any success. Fire brigade cutted door and police entered the building, detaining 40 people. One person, stopped near door at the beginning of the whole incident was CS sprayed in face, beaten and handcuffed, later charged with violent resistance and threats to police officer (felony, up to 3 years).

Police first tried to present us as dangerous bandits showing things which they found inside, telling that they found a lot of weapons (actually it was slingshot, a fake gun, one stick, a belt with used ammunition and few bottles with petrol). Our case was on the first pages of newspapers and in TV. Police said that they were attacked by few people with baseball bats and that was the reason for calling reinforcements and breaking the door (also without any warrant). In next day we gave our statement correcting those lies.

Also next day police came again with paper for our eviction and gave us one day to leave. After a meeting we decided to barricade ourself inside and occupy the building. It lasted for three days and owner tried to negotiate few times, atlthoug without any success. Now it seems that he gave up and he will leave the building for us. However we are still in bad financial situation as all police raids (we didn't really recover from raid on 7th of August) costed us a lot of equipment stolen by police and we have a lot of damages.

In Warsaw local anarchist organized solidarity action, blocking gates to Ministry of Internal Affairs. We are determined to stay in the bulding despite of all attacks from police forces and nazis.

De Centrum-struggle continues !

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