London: new squatted social center provides a number of public activities

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Hello everyone

Our new squat in London is the winner of the flashiest squatted building ever award. It is in an ex-wine bar and is a great space with lots of room. We are getting a lot of interest from the people living near the squat, especially local kids and youngsters. We have been providing things they have asked for, including cheap schooltime lunches. We are trying to provide a variety of events and make the space as pleasant and welcoming as possible for everyone. The squat is easy to find, 156- 158 Fortess Road, next to Tufnell Park underground station. We have a lot of things happening, here is a summary-

Every day- open for coffees and infoshop lunchtime onwards.

Tuesday - Wombles meeting 7:30pm

Wednesday - social centre meeting 7:00pm Free English class 7:00pm

Friday - Cafe 8:00pm short political films 8:30pm current Hollywood blockbuster 9pm

Thursday - DJ workshop 7:00pm

Saturday- Music night

Sunday- screen printing and tshirt making 2pm

Some special events:

Sunday 11th - Queer cafe 6pm

Monday 12th- installation about refugee camps in Nablus (Palestine)

Thursday 15th - Quiz night 7:30pm

The squat has lost its case in court and may be evicted at the end of April so hurry on down!

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