In the night of Feb.04.00, 1 year after the evacuation of Guillame-Tell after two month occupation (Commercial Building belonging to Credit Suisse), a gathering took place.

The Purpose, condem the 300 000 m2 of Commercial Space left empty in Geneva, Guillame-Tell is still unused...At the same time Alesia (Squat 300m from U.N.) was about to be evicted to make Space for the Multinational ABB (income 2,66 Billion Sfr. for 1999) new Administrative Building.

The Gathering mobelized to Alesia for the last Dinner, once the Food was finished the Games started...Streetpaintings and destruction of Garden-Wall, making our territory much bigger...the neighbouring Haus had been occupied by private Security forces since a couple of weeks (to prevent further Squatting-Resistance), they were forced to leave due to our bottle-throuwing Contest and guerilla-tactical Assaults...No Riot Cops came...

Finally we said goodbye to Alesia, leaving the Street on Flames...the BlackBlock continued walking!!! and making traffic jams...till Ford Barreau (Commercial Squatted Building evicted 4 Years ago)...still no Riot-Pigs...all windows were smashed for the second time this Year... enough for the night...


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