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Athens: Arson attack on Kouvelou squat (18.09.11)
--- "The roof has collapsed and four rooms have been burnt."

Amsterdam: 1st of October - We're still here! (16.09.11)
--- "Come to Amsterdam on 1st of October to show that the fires of last year are still smoldering - and they might flare up any moment!"

--- Latest international news (multilingual)

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Okupa, chronicle of a social fight

Movie from Barcelona, 1996-2005 (37 min.) on Dailymotion.

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  • Advisory service for squatters and homeless people since 1975.
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     What is [squat!net]?

    [squat!net] is an international internet magazine with main focus on squatted houses, car sites and other free spaces.

    Different people, with different backgrounds (e.g. squatters, punks, hackers, etc.) try to work together and collect news and importent stuff on the squatter scene. Sure we're not able doing this alone - quite a lot of information is sent by our readers - yes, from YOU!

     What's in here?

    Sure our news area is the most frequented part of the server. But we also think, that the archive area, where you can find some books and introductions in squatting is very smart. Cool are our maps and the fotogalery (at the time only Berlin, so send us your pictures!).

    Very important are our projects.

     What do we *really* want?!

    We don't really want an internet magazine -- We want squatted houses and freespaces everywhere and all the time. The current situation in europe is getting worse and worse - Perhaps we are able to inform you, or to motivate some people to join the squatter scene or to help us with our work ... etc.Bart Simpson

    Additional the internet becomes more and more an stupid ad-banner-blinking bullshit - we need some "other" informations.

    The people have to know what's going on at the moment with encryption and other computerstuff. All this is changing our lives day by day. We have to care NOW - in a few years all this stuff will reign over us - if we are not able to smash their system.

     Join us!

    Like many internet magazines we have also the problem that we are to few people to care on all the stuff - so we are hardly looking for people joining our magazine.

    But if you are lazy you can send us simple your news.

    - webmaster@squat.net

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