Sydney squatters remain defiant

Four Sydney squats faced with evcition on the eve of the Olympics are remaining defiant and resisting South Sydney Council's plans to kick them out.

At a special council meeting last thursday, councillors voted 8 to 1 to start legal proceedings immediately to evict us. The next day we were served with notices to leave and threatened with fines of up to $1.1 million if we did not go.

Instead of using the criminal tresspass laws to evict, the council are using "fire safety" regulations to say that we are in a "life threatening" situation and a "danger to the neighbourhood".

Senior anti-protest police have secretly met with with the council because they want access to the squats to assess "fire safety" measures. The police have also acknowledged that they consider the squats a security risk for the Olympics - the squats are less than 100 metres from the Olympic organising offices.

We are not going to be pushed out. We are wanting to stay - at least until the council demolishes the buildings to build exclusive apartments and shops.

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Sydney housing action collective [SHAC]

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