Two Polish squatters imprisoned in Holland!

Write to the prisoners! There's two people being kept in prison here in Holland since the 30th of November, for (complicity to) 'attempted manslaughter' against a copper. Seven others are waiting to be deported to several different countries and one woman got deported to Australia already. In the night of Friday to Saturday the 30th of November the police raided one squat here in Amsterdam and arrested all the inhabitants. The motive for the raid was some kind of fake fair-gun that some residents found in the trash, which some neighbours saw and called the cops for. The cops didn't want to talk or negotiate but started immediately to arrest and beat up people, so the squatters spontaneously started to defend their house by throwing stuff out of the windows. Some sympathizers who rushed to the spot got also beaten up and arrested. In the heat of all this a small tv was thrown out of a window on the head of a copper. He didn't get seriously injured, but two people are now being accused of attempted manslaughter and are facing some longer time in prison. You can morally support them by writing letters in Polish or English. Their adresses are: Alicija Kordasz
P.I. Amerswiel
Copernicusstraat 10
1704 SV Heerhugowaard Marcin Kobos
P.I. Grittenborgh - cel 5007
Postbus 607
7900 AP Hoogeveen Both adresses in Holland of course.

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