Some news from Mallorca

Last Sunday I made a little and very short interview with someone from a squatted house in Palma de Mallorca - I 've heard already, that Mallorca has a quite good antifascist movement and so I wasn't so wondered to meet a squatter from there.

?: Hello! What is the situation with the squats in Mallorca? How many squats are there?!

!: At the moment we have two squatted houses in Mallorca. They are both in Palma, the biggest city on the island.

?: How long do the houses exist? Or is it just for a day or so like here in Berlin?

!: No - Although squatting is completely illegal, the one house exists over 4 years and the other one for 3 1/2 years. The police is very quite at the moment, they don't want to get in trouble with us.

?: How old are the people living in the squats?

!: Hmm. Strange question! They are from about 18 to .. 31, I think.

?: And what kind of people are living in the squats?

!: Well I think it is like here (in Berlin). But we are organising a lot of stuff. Very important is the antifascist stuff we are working on. Sure we are organising parties and concerts. The other house was organizing a while ago a kind of street party. In addition we have a public kitchen with vegan meals.

?: You have also car sites in Mallorca, where people live in caravans or waggons?!

!: No, I've heard about this. It's not very common in spain. Nobody knows car sites. I never was on one myself.

?: How are the contacts to other squats / to other political actions on the land (in spain)

!: We have good contacts to other squats. If you're organizing concerts like we do, you'll need a lot of contacts.


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