Molotov is still standing! After we got a lot of support from media, the owner (Slovenian Railway Company) had to evict us on legal way - court. They still insist that nobody was living there for 6 moths and that we were breaking in the house and destroying it. We are charging them because they are violating basic human rights - right to live in living conditions and right to cultural and political activities. If we prove we were living there, which I think is not so hard, they were the first ones who were breaknig the law.

The city offered us a new house, but we refused it, because it's too small. We would have to do a lot of work and the house would be just for a year or two. We think they offered us the house because they want to get rid of us and to show to the public how good they are (votings are coming soon). We will insist on our demants - we want the house that has the same conditions as A.C.Molotov. If they don't give us, we will take it by ourselves and stay in Molotov untill we find a new squat. What we want and will try to do is also to put a law to defend squatters, because there are only in Ljubljana (400.000 inhabitants) at least 30 people who want to squat. That means, we need more squats and we need them also in other parts of Slovenia! For the first time after many yers, a word "squat" has come to the public ears and everyday shows and interviews with squatters, city's representatives and owners are going on. On the last interview, S.Salkic as the representer of Slovenian Railway Company, was on the radio with two persons from Molotov (including myself). He wanted to forget all the things that happened and to put a blame on the state, because there are no squatting laws. I don't say it's just the matter of this company, it is the state's and city's problem, but SRC is the most corrupted state owned company that can be only compared to police and mafia like Security G7 Company. And now they want to forget the violatins and two weeks of living in fear. And we still have to wach the house day and night. Never forget, never forgive...

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Squat the world, because it belongs to us - all of us !

A.F.A., Lj., maja

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