We are now into our seventh day of occupation! But we expect the bailiffs tomorrow...

The administration has tried to evict us twice already but with 200 students inside and 3-400 people outside it made them think again!

Please access the above website and send it on to all.

The administrative building of Sussex University is currently under occupation by a group of peaceful students protesting against the expulsion of 89 students who have not paid their tuition fees.

NB : for all non-GB viewers, the British government has now installed a tuition fee of 1000 pounds or $2000 approx. Many students are unable to afford this.

The demands of the occupiers are simple :

- No present or future student shall be expelled for non-payment of tuition fees. - No repercussions for those involved in the occupation. The occupiers are going to stay in the administerative building, blocking the financial office until their demands are met.

Similar actions have already taken place in other universities - Camberwell Art College Guildhall, and Goldsmiths College - and these actions were successful, leading to a non-expulsion policy.

This occupation is peaceful, and "civilised". The students have no intention of breaking into computers, damaging the building or even the carpets.

If you want to support us, come and join us, e-mail us or the university to voice your support.

Sussex University Occupation

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