Brazil: update bout the 2thousand families from Osasco

City Hall from Guarulhos (PT) block the homeless from get their land

The two thousand families from MTST in Osasco was first deceived by the State Government that had promised a slow and pacific removal but it promoted a violent and hasty eviction. Then they had been forbidden by the Municipal Government of Guarulhos (PT) to enter in the land that the State had assigned to them.

On friday, december 6h, the 2.000 homeless families evicted from a land in Osasco fought to get for themselves a piece of land from CDHU-Companhia de Desenvolvimento Habitacional e Urbano do estado de São Paulo (Company of housing and urban development from the state of são paulo), in Guarulhos.

When the first of more then a hungreded trucks that was used to take the families from Osasco to Guarulhos arrived at the land, they were forbidden from get in by the municipal guard. An order from the mayor Elói Pietá (PT-workers party) demand that the families would be forbidden from get inside the land. The municipal guard dig a trench to block the trucks from get inside.

While this was happenning, the homeless had to wait at the road, under the rain. Among others reasons, Pietá alleged that the city hall was not communicated of the change of the people to that area (which is from the state and not from the city) and that the city is broke and has no structure to absorb more citizens.

The State Justice secretary was called to convince the mayor to let the families take the land. Only when the secretary threatened to use the shock troop against the municipal guard Pietá allowed the entrance of the families in the area. As the impasse lasted hours, many families had their belongs ruined by the rain.

The CDHU land it does not possess light, sewer, or water (except a pipe). The families need donations, specially food. People who has intresting in help or to get more information bout the homeless should get in touch with Alex at: city code 11 #95682365.

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