weetwee squat gallery amsterdam - antieviction exhibition

fuck rich-we squated at the middle of Leidseplein-amsterdam where they have to pay 80 000 guilders to stay- but- ? it was fucking empty for TWO YEARS? because they don't MInd about MONEY !! WE DO NOT ALSO!? SO NOW THEY WANT TO THROW US OUT: WE ORGANISED MORETHAN 20 EXPOSITIONS AND EVENTS for fucking free for poor beginners etc. iN LAST 7 MONTHS. now (7.oct.14.00p.m. WE HAVE THE A N t I EVICTION EXPOsition: come! (fashion show, paintings, drinks, objects, food, ... - BUT NEXT WEEK: STREET RAVE PARTY + action(take paint, brushes, benzine, ...with you... SO CHECK THIS SITE FRIDAY 13. OCTOBER!!! (where+what) AND COME TO ENYOJY THE AFTERNOON SATURDAY 14. NEXT TO PARADISO in weetwee fucking free gallery for the last time. MORE NEWS COMES. FUCK RICH! (dont think we are poor!?) W2U- lovebicycle




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