Unkonwn suspects ravaged departmentstore in Leipzig

Unknown suspects tried to set a departmentstore on fire during saturday night.The police told the public on sunday of broken windows and afew attepts to start fires inside the building. Following investigations there where no signs of looting. The amount of damadge was not known to the police. The youth also broke 13 windows on a nearby bank building.

The police was called byneighbours that noticed the 15-30 youth. Nobody could be arrested, as the suspects had disappeared by the time the police arrieved. The department store is located in Leipzig-Connewitz, Where the left orientated scene is based.

Wether or not there might be a connection between the incident and a peaceful demonstration of around 500 left-orientated youth that happened saturday evening in leipzig could not be told yet.The demonstration that was against the ban on demonstrations in Saalfeld in Thueringen proceeded peacefully!

12/10/1997 Berliner Zeitung

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