Some News from the Ungdomshuset (Kopenhagen, DK)

As you probably know the authorities are trying to close Ungdomshuset.

Therefore Ungdomshuset has been the main strugle for most of the movement the last 5 months. The strugle is going quite good. The goverment decided to close us 2 months ago and we still havn't received the eviction notice (it has to be send 3 moths before eviction).

The threat from outside has united the movement in Copenhagen so that everybody work together and respect eachother more. There is no new squats since 1998.

As you know the thing in DK is different than from Germany. Due to goverment repression it is impossible to keep the squats.

We still got a couple of autonomonous centres (Ungdomshuset, Bxrnehuset and Folkets hus), and some info shops. Ungdomshusets webpage is, there is also a mailing list.


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