New squat in Leuven (Be)

A new building has been squatted in Leuven (Belgium) and we're gonna do a 'Boycot marktrock-fest' in it, during 'Marktrock' (commercial mainstream festival) with lots of local bands and parties. The address is: Scapenstraat 29, 3000 Leuven, Belgium (for all your moral support :)

We have a small website we use to give updates about the squat and the festival.


13 augustus 2000. Start: 15.00 h Mangenerated (Evil Noise Project from Tienen) Chipmunks (Shake it, Alvin!) Mutual Aid (Punk's Not Dead!) Ulrike's Dream (trashing grind from Leuven. LCBC) De Boze Geest (Wait and see) System To Nowhere (Great metalcore!) Intestinal Disease (back from touring in Brazil- welcome!) Restons Sobres (Portugese HC-band)

14 augustus 2000. Start: 22.00 h Discoparty (come dressed and shake it baby!!!)

15 augustus 2000. Start 22.00 h Reggae/Dub-party with great Live act!

16 augustus 2000. Start: 22.00 h hiphopparty of kaartwedstrijd: we still can't decide what would be the coolest thing to do, play cards or party 'till dawn. making up your mind is a hard thing to do.

Entrance: 50 BEF to cover the cost that have been made when we tried to isolate the place.


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