London: Eviction of St-Agnes Place

<div class="intro"><p>The eviction of <a href="St">">StAgnes Place</a> in Kennington (South London) by Lambeth Council finally took place on <a href="/en/2005/11/328684.html">Tuesday 29th</a>, after years of court battles and previous eviction attempts [<a href="/en/2005/11/328746.html">Report</a>]. The <a href="">oldestsquatted street</a> in London was <a href="/en/2005/11/328689.html">swarmed with hundreds of riot police</a> the whole day, as residents were resisting the bailiffs and specialist climbers that were emptying the street of its 150 strong community set up 30 years ago [Photos <a href="/en/2005/11/328725.html">1</a> | <a href="/en/2005/11/328752.html">2</a> | <a href="">3</a>| <a href="">4</a>| <a href="">5</a>and <a href="/en/2005/11/328918.html">Video</a>]. Throughout the day there were reports of police stopping people on their way to show support to St Agnes Place residents outside Oval, Kennington, Stockwell and Brixton tubes. Later in the evening there was a demonstration outside Lambeth Town Hall in Brixton to celebrate St Agnes Place community, as well as to show support to the people that has become homeless as a result of the eviction [Photos <a href="/en/2005/11/328789.html">1</a> and <a href="">2</a>].</p><p>Bymid-afternoon there were still three houses resisting the eviction, as residents and supporters pledged to hold for as long as they could. But later in the evening, reports came in that the <a href="/en/2005/11/328779.html">last resisting squatter had been removed</a> from the remaining occupied house in an ambulance, as the eviction was brutally completed [<a href="/en/2005/11/328901.html">Video</a>]. He was taken to hospital after he was badly beaten on the head with truncheons. Click <a href="">here</a>for St Agnes place map and location.</p><p><a href="Latest">">Latestinfo and Timeline of Events</a><br/>Netcast from <a href="">Wireless FM</a> live <a href="here">here</a>- a free radio that has been broadcasting from number 81 in St. Agnes Place for the last two years.<br/><a href="">Moreinfo on St Agnes Place from the Indymedia archives</a>.</p></div>


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