Brussels: first squat opening of a week of pro-squat actions

Yesterday saw the first opening. About 150 people gathered and walked around, giving away newspapers in town towards the place and got in. Stuck themselves in with barricades and started the whole shit.

The building is an old chocolate factory with six floors right in the center of town. The kitchen started running, some people came and played music, the place was brushed and cleaned. Colours cover the walls. Banners were hung from the windows. A few habitations are being set up on the top floor.

The neighbors look quite happy, the police looks quite frustrated, passing by down the street and unable to do anything. A few lawyers are supporting us and working quite hard, as the last places were evicted illegally.

On saturday 18th will be a show with :

Raxinasky (free jazz core dadaiste from brussels - Daddy Long Legz (dub-jazz from Lille) - Ulrike's dream (punk-crust from Leuven) - Los tres puntos (Ska-punk from Spain) - Hydroids (surf-rock from Lille) - Question mark (melodic hardcore from Italy) - ... And some film about blockades that happened during the G8 in Evian. And much more to come. Everyone welcome with projects, dreams, hands and hearts.

Address : rue remparts des moines, 12

Contact :

Or you can call on the infoline : 0498/201474


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