Slovenia: AC Molotov evicted, AC Galicija opened!

salud. I sent you news about new squatted location in Ljubljana, Slovenija. I saw you didn't put it on the page, so I am sending it again, if maybe you didn't get the mail. cheers, maja

Avtonomna Cona Molotov, squat in Lubljana, was evicted on 11.7. due to the contract between squatters and it's owner Railway Company. After last summer's opression and attempt of eviction, we had no other choice than leave the house. Other possibility was to fight on the court for which we would need lots of money. So, we sadly left the house some days before 11.7. and had found new location some weeks before eviction. Molotov is being destroyed. About 15 people from AC Molotov collective with some new people squatted a nice house in the district called Prule, about 20 minutes walking from the centre. In Molotov we had lots of inner problems with alcohol, that's why we started with new collective and new plans. In Molotov, we were making mostly gigs and was not possible to make any other activities. New house, which we temporary named AC Galicija, will be living squat for 15-20 people with info-shop (anarchist library), place for video projectios, juggling practising, meetings and other activities (name Galicija comes from the illegal printing house used by partisans, which was operating in the cellar of the house in the 2nd world war; the house was also the biggest chair factory in Yugoslavia). AC Galicija has 6 owners, who are fighting on the court for the house. When we squatted the house, police came with one of the owners and said we can stay there until we get demand from the court. There is only one owner for now, who said he will put charges on us on the court and probably this is the same person who came few days after occupation and was threatening us. He said he will come back, but he didn't. We had also some problems with local gangs, who came with sticks, threatening that we have to leave the house. They patrolled around the house for some days, but at the end, they saw, we are not ready to go out so easily, so one of their member came to us and explaind, that they don't want us, beucause they think we are selling and using hard drugs and there is more police in the area because of us. We think the problem with them is solved for now. Neighborhoud Prule is very quiet and most inhabitants are old middle-class leftist. They are so nice to us, that we can't beleive it. Every day somebody comes to say that they support us (even that they will protect us from the young gang), that they are happy when they see young people working all day around the house which was falling apart for so many years. We will make an opening of the hose for the neighbours in a week or two with some theatre and juggling performances. We have electricity, but no water, which can be big problem now is summer.

If you want to visit us, send a mail to and, because we don't want to give the adresse out yet. Also see the old molotov page: (we are still working on Galicija web page). Salud to the squatting movement!


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