New squat in Berlin evicted after 6 hours.

On friday 8th november 20 people squatted Neue Bahnhofstrasse 1 in Berlin Friedrichshain. The house is owned by Caritas, a catholic welfare organisation. The house was squatted on 2 o clock that day. The police "discovered" the squat at 19:00 and directly decided to evict: If they are once settled, it is dificultier to get them out", was enough reason to start eviction. After half an our 300 riot police arrived and the house was evicted. In Berlin it is possible to evict new squats directly even if the owner does not file a complaint. The police has the possibility to evict new squats directly if public danger is at stake. of course this law is used to evict nearly avery new squat attempt. the squatters are embarased about the police action, and are still thinking about a reaction.


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