Squat in Oslo evicted,squatters don't give up

The text below is a summary of the Dutch translation of the Norwegian text. Both the Dutch and the Norwegian text can be found on http://squat.net/nl/news/saxeg091099.html

In the English newslist you can find previous information on the latest squats in Oslo. For the people who are interested in more (Norwegian) information have a look on http://wit.no/doogie/ga/ (Gateavisa, alternative magazine) or at http://www.angelfire.com/ok2/boligaksjonen/ (Boligaksjonen, Housing actiongroup)

More information from 'Aftenposten' (newspaper) you'll find at http://squat.net/archiv

Squatters of Saxegaardsgate 11 don't give up.

Tuesday two weeks ago Saxegaardsgate 11 was evicted. The police didn't use violence on the ten people sitting inside the building. This was probably due to the massive support of the neighbourhood, included politicians. The people who showed up on the streets got another treatment as the Norwegian television was able to broadcast. Immediately after the eviction the council demolished the building. Saxegaardsgate 11 was just squatted for three intensive weeks. At the beginning it was clear it would be difficult to win from the powerfull opponent. But this doesn't make it less valuable to fight the struggle. For the squatters this is a case of principles. Together with the squatting of Hausmannsgate 40 they maybe helped reviving the dying squattersmovement over there.

After the eviction of Saxegaardsgate 11, some activist wants to move to Hausmannsgate 34, the neighbourbuilding to the other squat. The squatters at Hausmannsgate are told that they have to move before the 14th. Hopefully a new squat action will obstruct the evictionplans


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