The loop around the neck of the KPI is getting tighter ! Just by accident we got a so-called Wertegutachten"(expert opinion about the value of the house) which is hair-raising. The house will be put up for auction on february,16th. As it is no problem to get a building permission at this ground a sale would mean a quick end for us.

Let`s look at the details :

In spring 98 we got to know that the Lower District Court Of Mitte had set up a sequestration for the building.The reason was that our owner", Petersen & Partner KG,who had had large-scale plans with the area before had gone bust. There are debts in an amount of several millions. So the big construction plans had failed in the first place. Since April,1st Anton Meichsner has been the sequestrator of the house. After a quiet summer we are facer with this expert opinion. Here are some parts out of it :

...after an outside view and a list of defects for one flat at the 3rd floor ,which was made available by the Building Authorities , the house is in a state of neglect. The basic conditions for letting the house can not be fulfilled anymore.

...utilization : Originally parts of the basement and the first floor had been used gastronomically, the upper foors had been used as flats.These days squatters use the flats as accommodation.

...Additional costs for the eviction of the house and the defects caused by bombs in World War 2 will be approximately 100 ,000 DM.

...summary : It would be economically acceptable to tear down the house.

Kpi has been existing as a living and cultural project for almost 9 years now. There have been contracts for the flats for 6 years.So the expert opinion contains crass lies with the intention to sell the house as expensive as possible (official value about 5,4 millions DM).They also want to create the illusion that it will be no problem to get rid of us.

We are not going to accept that and we hope for your support !

Our demands :Kpi belongs to those who live ,work and party here ! No sale ! Payable living space for all ! Kpi remains !

We plan : A plenary assembly on december,20th ,16.00 at the KPI A demonstration Kpi Verteidigen" on february,13th - watch out for further informations later A rally in front of the Lower District Court Of Mitte on the day of the auction (16.2. ) 9 years anniversary party on february, 20th (at the Kpi, of course ! )

A short history...

In the summer of 89 thousands of East Germans left their country through Hungary, Poland and the CSSR.In November the border was open for all finally,and everybody from the east was able to come to the west. At the same time there was the possibility to go the opposite way. So some people from West Berlin decided to squat a house in East Berlin. The first contacts with the east Berlin squatter scene were pretty cold (they were not interested in West Germans). But finally we got to know some people who were ready to support our idea (thanx to Schreinerstr). Short before the squatting a group of people joined us, who had squatted a building at Kreuziger Str. already (that building was squatted again later).

The squatting

On february,23nd,1990 we squatted the house Kpenicker Str.137 in Berlin-Mitte.All the tenants had just been kicked off and the house was ready to get torn down.The building was under the administration of KWV(East German state owned property management company).There were not too many problems with them as well as with the East German cops. After a couple of weeks we started our Volxkche",parties,gigs and solidarity-events took place. In the following spring/summer more and more people moved to East Berlin and many buildings were squatted. After the GDR had been annexed completely in October, the first violent evictions took place.

The legalization

After the eviction of Mainzer Str. round table negotiations took place in Mitte with the intention to find a peaceful solution for the squats. As a result we got pre-contracts for all rooms of the KPI from the WBI (follow -company of KWV).From May,1st,1993 on the house was administrated by the GSE.From them we got contracts for all the flats. On October,1st,1995 ,Petersen overtook the building with his great" plans. After he has gone bust,the house is to be sold at an auction.

Autonomous living and cultural project

The house supplies living space for about 40 people including a couple of kids some of whom have been living here from their birth on. Many people use our court and garden to enjoy life in trailers.There is the possibility to play streetball here,and one can also use the sports rooms . Since 5 years the Autonomous Cultural Centre has been existing, a place that is known far beyond the borders of Germany. Here people have the possibility to meet .All events and activities here are organized by volunteers only, the prices are as high as neccessary to make ends meet.Volxkche, gigs, sundays`breakfast, discos, solidarity- and info-events, cinema for free or language lessons are only a part of the activities taking place here.Those who know the Kpi know also, that it takes a lot of efforts to keep the place in a useful state.We have never received any money, neither from our owners","administrators" nor the state,and we will keep it that way. On the other hand we will not give away a place without resistance were we have put so much energy in over the years. There are more than enough Yuppie-palaces in this town already!


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