Projects we do!

akkraak is an autonomous, self-organised videogroup, resident in berlin. We developed from the last squatterscene in summer 1990. Every half a year we are producing a videomagazine which is shown at about 150 places (squats, illegal/ legal bars, video- and other cinemas...). Our topics are wide ranged and international, e.g. squats, caravan places, imigrants, gentrification or political/ cultural activities from different radical and/ or leftwing groups. Most of the time we are part of the topics we show - therefore we have a subjective point of view. However, we try to link the different groups and activists. We want to document for the one who "hasn't been there" and who will join us. We want to give space for reflection, to agitate and motivate the people - that means YOU! Stay rebel!

Ascii AMSTERDAM - Ascii (Amsterdam Subversive Code on Information Interchange)
ASCII is a open low-tech internet-workspace. We work with old machines which were given to us. By using the right software (linux, drdos) we are able to offer free internet-acces.
Ascii is a place to meet people who want to use computers for more than just office-applications. We'd like to help you using the internet as a medium to make publicity for your actions or squat.
In the near future we will offer Linux-courses and regular discussions about social/political issues where the internet plays a role.
The Ascii can be found on Kinkerstraat 92-94, Amsterdam.

Kraakhandleiding NETHERLANDS - The kraakhandleiding (squattinghandbook) is a new project on After the publication of the last extended Amsterdam squattinghandbook 1996/1997 there have been discussions on making a national version. This project doesn't proceed, so we start with gathering squattinginformation in on-line version. We hope to offer multilingual squattinghelp for different Dutch regions. For this we need help of squatters in other cities than Amsterdam Also have a look at the squattinghandbook 1996-1997 in the archive
contact: Nijmegen -
Nijmegen is a city in the Netherlands at the border with Germany. This city has a strong squattinghistory for about 30 years. After nearly all squats were evicted or legalised there were some quiet years but a new generation came up.
At these squatters are hopefully going to show you what's going on in their city. At this moment, 24-2-2002, the oldest squat in Nijmegen 'De Grote Broek' has got a booklet on these pages.
More to come!

Kalenderpanden NETHERLANDS - The 'Kalenderpanden' at the Entrepotdok in Amsterdam are 6 squatted warehouses, resisting luxury appartment-plans from the B.A.M company and the Municipality of Amsterdam. At the same moment they work on an alternative. This includes cheap housing, concerthall, theater, cinema, Voku, Free Radiostation, etc.....Overthrow the government, Save Entrepotdok!

Radar Deutschland, Nederland, Schweiz - radar is a database with events in the non-commercial scene. Politics, culture, food etc. your answers to the questions 'when and where'

Streßfaktor is an appointment calender of the other side of Berlin, which is not propperly clean and aseptic, but power- and fancifull. Trying to promote our concerts, demonstrations and our life. In addition we offer a public kitchen (VoKü) timetable for Berlin.
The print issue comes out monthly with a circulation of 2000 issues and is available at about 60 discos, squats, cafés etc. for free. Deadline for each issue is the 25th of the foremonth - either by snailmail or directly into the postbox in Infoladen Daneben, Berlin/ Friedrichshain. Articles and dates can also be submitted via EMail. Honory locations are published for about DM 10,- a month - all others cost DM 40,-. Political stuff and irregular dates are for free.

The tuntenhaus was a squatted building in the Mainzerstraße in Berlin.
After being evicted in Nov. '90 by the socialdemocratic party (wer hat uns verraten?-Sozialdemokraten!) a lot of us moved to a formally squatted house in Berlin/ Prenzlauer Berg. Long time the situation was labelled by a great flux of occupiers of the house. At the moment 14 Gay/Bisexuals/Queers are living together, devided into three livinggroups. The rooms are widely spreaded, so communication exists between the whole house. Contrary to the public opinion the house is not a great unity - We are laughing, fighting, quarreling 7 days a week. Supported by 8 computers in the house, we now try to inform you what's going on in tuntenhaus.

radicalrave is a gay/ het mixed group of people with political and party backgrounds founded in summer 95. Since then we have provided demonstrations with techno music and have organized a number of non-commercial parties, sponsoring projects like an international conference on neo-liberal policy, a squatted house, or an archive on revolutionary movements around the globe. Our primary aim is to overcome the division between political commitment and partying, thus we∆ve been trying to transform the problematic relationship between left-wing politics and rave culture into something productive. To us this means not just infecting the techno scene with a good measure of politics but at the same time bringing back some fun and spirit to the left. yep!

News -
Last but not least, we gather news on squatting and related subjects in many languages. Until now we have:
Norwegian, Polish, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian, English and German
As you can see some of these sections are updated infrequently. Maybe you should send us some news or translations?!!!!

We have also a "paper-version" of this paper: Print it - Have it - Distribute it