Exhibition of squatting 10 - 13 May, Pamplona

To all companer@s in squatting:



The social center Gaztetxe of Pamplona, Navarra will be celebrating its 7th anniversary of squatting 10.-13.5. The theme of these days will be squatting with the idea of promoting more squatting. The programme includes among others discussions of the political side of squatting, how to open up the movement more, the differences between rural and urban squatting, and women and squatting. There will also be practical workshops about how to get into the houses, how to set up water, electricity and telephone, the legal side of squatting and resistance against evictions. And of course there will be fiestas, demonstrations and actions.

During the celebrations there will be also videoshows (both presentations of various squats, as well as resistance against evictions) and an exhibition of different squatted places. We would like to make these 2 shows as international and representative/diverse as possible, and are appealing to our friends all over the world to participate: Please send us videos (any language will be fine), fotos, and the story of your squat, explaining the history of the place, what activities you are organising there, the relations with the exterior, and also about the legal situation and the squatting movement in general in your region. Also stories of places that doesn't exist anymore are interesting. Preferably, please send all texts in Castilian, but if this is not possible, we will do the translations (as well as the set up) here.

If you like, feel free to join us in our celebrations and discussions. All the programme will be in Castilian, and the food will be organised collectivly. To organise sleeping places, please announce your coming beforehand.

Please send all the material for the exhibition by the end of April to (indicate also, if you want the material to be returned):
Jordanas de ocupation
Calle San Agustin 17
E-31001 Pamplona, Navarra

Further inquiries and registration:
Jordanas de ocupation
Lista de correos
E-31430 Aoiz, Navarra

artanga@gmx.net (we have quite little access to e-mail, so a normal letter will reach us faster)



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