Scotland: Faslane Peace Camp 22nd Birthday 7-13th of June

Located near Helensburgh, Scotland, approximately 30 miles from Glasgow Faslane Peace Camp is to celebrate 22 years of non-violent direct action and resistance against the Faslane Naval Base in Scotland, which is home to much of Britain's nuclear powered, and nuclear armed submarine fleet. For 22 years the Faslane Peace Camp has been a base for non-violent direct action against the British Nuclear weapons program, as well as an alternative, consensus based, community with close links to the environmental, anti-road, anti-nuclear and may other non-hierachical resistance movements. Beginning with only a couple of tents, the peace camp has crown to include two busses, approximately 12 caravans, tree houses, a geodome, a communal building and meeting room, a composting toilet, and even a fort to fight of evitctions. Although safe at the moment there are rumours that the council may be gearing up for another attempt at eviction. To celebrate its birthday Faslane will be hosting a week of workshops, actions, discussions and celebrations to which all are invited. The night of June 12th there will be a party with a number of local and visiting bands. Hope to see you there!

If your planning to come please try to be as self sufficiant as possible i.e. Sleeping bag good; Sleeping bag and Tent very good! There is limited caravan space available but you should really ring ahead to make sure there's a place set aside for you. There is wheel chair access and wheel chair accessible toilets on site, however, there is no mains electricity. There is also a kitty of -L-2 a day or -L-12.50 a week which covers all your food and helps cover camp costs like the mains water.

To get there you can either catch a train or bus from central Glasgow to Helensburgh (Bus 216) and then catch the local bus (No. 316). Just ask the bus driver for the peace camp as the stop is directly in front of the site.

For more information contact the Peace Camp directly (UK) 01436820901

or visit the web page:


Address: Faslane Peace Camp, Shandon, Helensburgh, G84 8NT United Kingdom

PS. The camp is always anxious to recieve short and long term visitors, so if you can't make the party why not visit t another time!

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