New squatted center in Cologne

Today on Friday, the 25th February at 3 pm. about 50 people squatted an empty building in Cologne. The House, located in the "Venloer Strasse" is about 3 years empty and is on the other side of the city garden. The squatters are supporters of a group for a autonomous centre in Cologne.

Like in earlier squat actions like "Eichamt" in 1998 or the "Luxemburger Strasse" in 1999 the aim is to build a self organized cultural center, independent from the city or the state. The city council destroyed all attempts with evictions.

With the Slogan "Cologne - you won't get us of" there will be concerts, discos and political actions in the new squat. Already now there is a big cultural program.

If you have questions - please feel free to call
Tel.: +49 - 221 - 952 63 67
Di. Und Fr. 11-12 Uhr


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