letter from Collectif Solidarios con Itoiz

revolutionary greetings

Lets begin by introducing ourselves We are the collectif Solidarios con Itoiz, from Euskalerria (the basque country). We are currently fighting against a dam/electric powerplant project in the north east of the province of Navarra. The Dam project would drown 9 villages and along with those 5 natural reserve areas,3 of them being special bird protection zones. Few regions in Europe have such a rich fauna and flora than those where they now want tobuild their monstruos dam! It is important to note that apart from the 9 villagesthat would disapear, 6 others would become completely unreachable. Two valleys would be left unliveable toany form of human animal or vegetal life! Our collective is fighting the damming project for about 5 years. Our approach is public, non violent and direct action.In this period we have carried out about40 different actions of various types, the most successful being to cut the electricity wires of the concrete factory set up to build the dam walls. The works on the dam where thereby delayed for 1 year. As a consequence of this accion 8 members of the collective whre arrested and held for 2 months and, 2 years later tried and condemned to 5 years of imprisonnement. The judgement was totally political, the judges, servants of power, had to go back as far as 1874 to find a precedent allowing them justifytheir sentence. Time has now come for the condemned the enter prison. Although the collective has always accepted legal and other consequences of their actions, we think that it is now the right moment to publically denounce the Itoiz dam project and the political judgement of 5 years of imprisonnement against 8 of the collectivesmembers. Their were tried and condemned for stopping a not only irrational and devastory but also illegal project. It was declared illegal by a national spanish court , this verdict being confirmed by the spanish supremecourt later on. We also want to denounce the judges that condemned 8 people to 5 years of imprisonnement, perverting the law in that way and the spanish governement not even able to set a stop to the constuction works afterdeclaring them illegal!

For that reason we are touring Europe since September 1999. We carried out 2 actions on this tour: climbing the infamous "millenium wheel" in london and rallying at the International court of justice in the Hague giving about 30 video conferences.

It is time to strike again: With this email we would like to invite to a cyberaccion against all public and private entities involved in the Itoiz dam project! targets;political parties supporting the dam: Union del Pueblo Navarro (UPN): email: info@upn.org gp- upn@parlamento-navarra.es http://www.upn.org

PARTIDO SOCIALISTO DE NAVARRA (PSN): http://psn-psoe.cin.es

PARTIDO SOCIALISTO OBRERO ESPAŅOL (PSOE): http://www.psoe.es UAGN: uagn@lander.es

IU: http://www.iu-eb.org Iueb.navarra@izquierda-unida.es

CDN: http://www.convergencianavarra.com Cdn@ctv.es construction companies:

LAIN: http://www.lain.es

SACYR: http://www.sacyr.com

governements of navarra and spain: Gobierno de Navarra: http://www.cfnavarra.es Email: gobiernodenavarra.prensa@cfnavarra.es

spanish ministery of environment: http://www.serviplus.es/medioambiente http://www.mma.es Webmaster@mma.es

Riegos de navarra: http://www.riegosdenavarra.com riegosdenavarra@riegosdenavarra.com

Seccion de recursos hidricos: screchid@cfnavarra.es

Seccion de evaluacion ambiental: scevamb@cfnavarra.es section economist and landscape ecology : scecosis@cfnavarra.es Parlamento Navarra: www.parlamento-navarra.es Prensa@parlamento-navarra.es


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