5 buildings re-squatted in innercity of Amsterdam

In 1991 a big complex of old and rotten monuments were squatted between the Dam-square and Central Station. The squatters were thrown out in december 1993. ABN-AMRO-bank wanted to build a huge shoppingcenter, luxury appartments, parking, officebuilding and Hotel. They needed thousand riot-cops in two eviction-'sessions' to get the squatters out.

Although there was strong resistance against the plans from people in the neighbourhood and the squatters the bank wanted to continue with their ridiculous project.

As to be expected the shoppingcenter became a failure. Nowadays everything is empty including some renovated monuments. Also three not renovated monuments were empty because archeologists found an old castlewall under them. The council took over these houses and is preparing plans for a museum under the buildings.

The three monuments in bad condition are squatted as well as two renovated ones which were empty for a few years now. The renovated ones gave acces to the empty shoppingcomplex. The hundred squatters who were at the action by accident walked into an empty Mc-donalds. They decided not to squat this but by then the police wanted to evict the houses connected to the shopping center. The police did not succeed. At this moment there are riot-cops ready at the policestation twohundred meters from the squats.


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