squat attempts in Sweden

From our guestbook:

A new wave of squatting has hit Malmoe in south of sweden. An empty factorybuilding was squatted by 5 squatters for about 20 minutes. When the secret police showed up, home made explosives where thrown at them. The squatters left the building the backdoor before the riotcops arrived and closed the entire area. Earlier that week a building was ment to be squatted.

A minor street party was arranged as a de-coy, but information leeked out and the cops cealed of the building and the nearby areas and entered with dogs before the squatters came close to the building. The reasons for these 2 squats are an campain for an autonomous youthcenter that has been started and a campain against the luxury-fication of the old workingclass area "Möllevången". More squats in both these campains are to be expected!

More information @ indymedia Sweden:http://sweden.indymedia.org/front.php3?article_id=10941

-BZ - 040

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