Dijon : 3 days of autonomy and freedom of movements against control and racist politics

--- 21, 22 & 23rd of June 2002 ---
smash patriarchy, crush capitalism !

-- What's this all about ?

This fest is generally organized to promote the squat and its different activities/aspects. This year, we decided to focus on the No Border Camp in Strasbourg.

L'Espace Autogéré des Tanneries is a political space as well as a house involved in social and cultural activities. This space which belongs originally to the Town Council has been squatted for 4 years. Since we always wanted to remain autonomous and to fight against both commercial structures and institutions we managed to keep the place safe and alive.

Since 98, there's been a lot of gigs, actions, workshops, videos, meetings, exhibitions, graphittis, bike workshops, a veggie garden, a photo lab, a free clothes "shop" as well as a common will to develop alternatives to consumerism, work, etc. The whole project is based on the idea that anyone can get involved, bring new ideas, fight against domination and profit. Another aim is to change ourselves/the world and start to live differently. Eventually, there's been quite a lot of experiment and there's still a lot to do together.

Conferences/Discussions : Debates and workshops on Sat/Sun will be presented by Le Comité Anti Expulsion d'Ile de France (direct action against deportations of "illegal immigrants" and legal support), L'Observatoire des Libertés Publiques (report of police crimes and activities), Le Festival Permanent Contre les Lois Racistes (Permanent Festival Against Racist Laws), Le Mouvement de l'Immigration et des Banlieues (actions in the suburbs against colonial justice), La Cracoucasse (anarchist collective in Dijon), Print (squatted computer workshop), Rythms of Resistance (anticapitalist samba) and more !

-- Introduction to the No Border Camp in Strasbourg (July 19-28th) :

We want to fight against the tools the state use to control and exploit peoples and immigrants. As a consequence, the No Border network (in which various autonomous collectives of immigrants, "illegal immigrants" from different countries are involved) will settle a camp against borders from the 19th to the 28th of July in Strasbourg. Different European institutions are located in Strasbourg (the European Parliament, the European Court of Human Rights as well as the SIS - information & control center). There will be different issues and aims such as freedom of movements, work, globalisation and immigration, patriarchy, antifascism, etc.)

Different actions will take place such as public demonstrations, theatre and street parties, actions in the suburbs, pirate radios, hacking, etc.). The aim of all these various events is to share and experiment our different forms of organization.

The capitalist system tear people apart, we want to unite in a world without borders. The demand of freedom of movement and settlement and the will to open borders imply as well to change the relationship between the North and the South and to fight consumerism and capitalism. As a consequence, we need to develop other political and social structures, a new economy based on sharing.

-- Program : discussions, workshops, gigs, theatre, videos...

[ fri 21 ]

6 PM - Les Tanneries : Everyone can be involved in the organization of the fest. Feel free to participate to this meeting !

8 PM - 1 AM : videos will be shown in Le Local Libertaire (No Border Camp in Frankfurt 2001, El Ejido, etc.)

Same time, in the street, gig with local punkers (Ataxia, 20 Minutes de Chaos & more).

+ info & exhibitions.

[ sat 22 ]

11 AM - Les Tanneries : Meeting and preparation of the actions.

3 PM - Place du Bareuzai : Funny and interactive actions against borders + theatre show against security laws. Please come with your ideas, costumes and anything to inform or make noize.

7 - 10 PM - Les Tanneries : Debates about social control, Fortress Europe and security laws (who are they aimed at ?) with activists from L'Observatoire des Libertés Publiques, "Que Fait La Police ?" and Longo Maï.

10 PM - Late - Les Tanneries : DJs (Disco, Jungle, Punk) all night long + gig with : - Fistfuck Produxion (funny trash hi8 short movies / Paris) - Blackfire (Punk & Navajo Dances / u$a) - Flamingo 50s (Riot grrrlz garage Punk / UK) - Lack Of Reason (Emo Noisy Hardcore / St Etienne) - Unlogistic (Old School Hardcore / Paris)

+ videos oustide : "Que Vaut La Vie de Youssef ?", "Justice Pour Zamani", "Les Chateaux du Capitalisme", etc.

Cyber-squat-café and free internet access powered by PRINT (https://squat.net/print)all night long !

[ sun 23 ]

1 PM - Les Tanneries : Vegan food. The more food you bring the more we can share !

Exhibitions about Palestine, Le Syndicat Potentiel.

3 PM - Les Tanneries : Introduction to the No Border Camp After that, there will be various workshops and discussion groups : - immigration, freedom of movements and capitalist globalisation - organization and autonomy experiences - temporary autonomous zones, direct action (what means of action ?) - pink bloc : entertaining resistance - activist use of technology

7 - 9 PM - Les Tanneries : Theatre performance. The Turis Family will show you the new machines of their incredible circus - A trip across the atrocities of our world through a tremendously contagious laughter. Les Almaritas (2 womyn, accordeon and poetry)

[ mon 24 ]

Unite and clean !

-- Plus...

You're welcome to add new workshops, discussions, performance, etc.

It's possible to sleep in Les Tanneries and other squats (please get in touch with us well in advance so we can organize everything) or to bring tents ! Please also bring some food, there'll be a lot of people to feed !

No dogs no masters : it'd be a chaotic hell if everyone brings her/his dog

Donations / come & participate !

Espace autogéré des Tanneries - tanneries@free.fr

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