Eviction of the biggest squat of the Netherlands, the OLVG

The squatted part of the Onze Lieve Vrouwengasthuis, The Anna and Maria paviljoen, wil get evicted the 19th. The building lost a case against eviction via the penal law. The council still wants to use this against the squatters even if it is more than a year ago the huge buildings got squatted.

At this moment there are about 60 people living there and there are ateliers, rehearsalrooms, a restaurant, etc. All these activities have to find a new place which will be quite difficult with the active anti-squattingpolitics of the Council of Amsterdam. Just before the Eurosummit in Amsterdam Ine van Brenk from the 'evictiondepartment' of the council even placed the Entrepotdok on the evictionlist although they didn't have a legal ground yet. Also in other cases she is far to eager to evict, breaking law and normal conventions. In this case, the squatters didn't oppose the idea of extending the hospital, but joined the fight from the neighbourhood against the ugly buildingplans and the parkinggarage. At the same time the squatters developed projects which couldn't find a place anymore in other places in Amsterdam. Anyway, join the OLVG on tuesdaymorning. They start with a breakfast at 6.00. Further actions will be announced. OLVG http://huizen.dds.nl/~olvg

or a project which resembles the OLVG: http://squat.net/entrepotdok

The council of Amsterdam: http://www.amsterdam.nl


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