Instant release of all individuals that were arrested during the demonstrations against the G-8 meeting in Genua!

"The gate opened constantly, the people got out of the trucks and were beaten up. They had to stand against the wall. Inside, they smashed their heads against the wall. They pied on some of them. A young woman threw up blood while the chef of the GOM (special unit of the department for domestic affairs) watched. They threatened the woman with raping her with their clubs." Italian police officer in an interview with "La Republica"

The violent actions of the police during the G-8 meeting in Genua show that the large protest movements against the politics of the leading industrial nations are in this case being stopped and hindered by violence on the street and torture of arrested individuals if necessary.

We demand the instant release of the continuously arrested individuals. We demand the annihilation of the personal information, fingerprints, and pictures of all illegally arrested individuals. We furthermore demand a public investigation of the police violence through an independent, international committee.

There are still 49 people under detention in several prisons in Genoa.

The arrested and abused from Genoa need our solidarity. We ask all democratic organizations, initiatives and individuals, to express their solidarity with the victims of police brutality and to work towards a fast release of the continuously arrested people.

The support of the arrested costs money. We need your donations especially for lawyers and personal support in Genua. This is the account:

Ruff e.V., Kto-Nr: 1813040318, BLZ 100 500 00, Berliner Sparkasse, Stichwort: Genua 2001


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