Amsterdam: Re-squatting Van Boetzelaerstraat 2 & 20

1st November 2008

Two appartments in these houses got squatted last year and evicted on the basis of article 429 on the 30th of October - for emptiness. The appartments belong to "Block AB24", owned by Ymere, and will be demolished in the future. When exactly, nobody seems to know, not even Ymere, as the project has been postponed time and time again.

The renters of the block were forced to move out already quite some time ago, only to be replaced by antisquatters. Now even the antisquatters have moved out and if Ymere will have their way the whole block will remain empty until the demolition will start.

And that's where we step in! In our eyes it is not a crime to squat a house, no matter how long or short time it has been empty, especially during these times of housing shortage. People need houses to live in. 429 is just a number.


AC*AB 24

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