Squatted tent city in Tokyo, Japan

ENOA-RU is a barter caf in Yoyogi park, Tokyo, that prefer to get some stuff,food,clothes,rather than pay money,and there are many pictures on display are painted at the painting workshop( take place every Tuesdays).

Yoyogi park is one of the biggest parks in Tokyo. About 300 people live there,and put up blue huts and tents for their own lives. Japanese society often calls us "Homeless people", thought I think we are like squatters. I mean some Yoyogi park people live here by choice.

Yoyogi park people create their own life and their own work. Japanese society conspires against Homeless people and actively seeks to displace. Squatting is illegal in Japan and squatters are treated as "problem people". In any event, the police can remove them.

I think Yoyogi life and work is a worthwhile and fascinating facet of contemporary culture. That is to say, capitalist society created the need for the Yoyogi park community. So we should conserve Yoyogi park people.

Misako Ichimura


Misako Ichimura

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