Brazil: Two thousand families were evicted in Osasco

About two a thousand families who squatted a land in Osasco (near the city of São Paulo) had been evicted this thursday, December 5th. The land, of fifty hectares, was used as rubbish deposit and clandestine cemetary and it is located in a noble region of the city, to the side of a golf field. After months of negotiation, the coordination of the homeless and the government of the state of São Paulo had agreed with a pacific withdrawal, with the removal of the squatters to a land that belongs to the state located in the city of Guarulhos (also near São Paulo). In the last thursday during the morning, the homeless complained of the absence of trucks and buses that would carried them to the land. Tractors had passed over their houses (that they builded in the squatted land) before belongings of the inhabitants could be removed (photos:

It had much indignation on the part of the squatters. Employees from the city hall seemed to have enjoy themselves with the destruction of the houses.

See copy of the deal made with the city hall, the governor, the secretary of justice and the homeless workers movement :


December 5th:
Two thousand families from the Carlos Lamarca Squat in Osasco, were evicted. The Riot Police is at the place that looks more like a war field.

2 to 4 of December:
On monday, December second, the homeless from the squat did a march to the Palace of the Bandeirantes (Palácio dos Bandeirantes - where is the govennor office). A thousand people join the march. The homeless had obtained a hearing and had been informed that the negotiation was over and the eviction would happen on the next thursday. They are camped infront of the seat of government of São Paulo in a protest. On tuesday, 3th, a march with more than 200 homeless went to the Palace of the Bandeirantes to join the homeless camp.

Send a message as a protest to the goverment of the state: (see the model :

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