Grenoble (France): Action in solidarity with squatters from Netherlands and all around the world

Fast translation from a communiqué written in french:

Banner and fire, in solidarity with the squats

During the night of november 1st to november 2nd, party of the dead, we did awake !
We've put a banner on the wall of an ex-squat, on Phalanstère street, in Grenoble city-center. This building is empty for years, its owner is Actis, who is "managing" business with "social housing" and so on (owning a lot of empty spaces). This building has been squatted in 2005-2006 (Parad is Yack) and in 2007 (La Poulie / Parad is Back).
Everytime, it has been evicted by the Justice & Police crew... The second floor has been burnt a few weeks after the last eviction, to impeach the squatters to come back. The building is still empty.

On the banner, it was written "Occupons les maisons vides", which means "Let's occupy empty houses", and to show it in the night, a big fire has been made in front of it.

In Grenoble like everywhere else, empty bulidings are an insult to everyone who has not a roof upon its head. We salute the ones who fight for housing. We also salute Viscose area's inhabitants, for their struggle against the owner who try to make them pay a more and more expensive rent.
Our solidarity has no border.

This action has also been made in solidarity with netherlands squatters, threatened by a new anti-squat law.

Les démons de minuit (Midnight devils)

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