Ladronka (Czech republic) threathened by eviction

A call for ACTION: After six year of occupying the most famous and oldest squat in Czech Republic - LADRONKA, there is serious danger of eviction.The city of Prague sold the squat Ladronka to company Sante s.r.o., who wants to rebuild this house to luxury hospital for elite. Last chance to save this place is to do interational actions of solidarity
Squatters are calling for actions at Czech embassy all over the Globe. There is growing represion in Prague, becouse of meeting of IMF and World Bank next year (2000) in Prague. Please support our struggle.

Few notes about LADRONKA:
The reason for occupation of Ladronka six years ago was idea to do autonomic Centrum free area provided space for anarchist and radical politician activities and for noncommercial culture.
This space cannot be under authority of governmental or commercial restrictions. So, that comes only consummation of culture without self- realization and basic activity.
In the spirit of autonomy all the actions took place. People were working for free and them selves with the D.I.Y. idea. All profit is founding for small reconstruction, for buy technical equipment and for propagation etc.
Ladronka is also one of the few places where is possible produce support actions and benefits for many groups or for wanted activists of alternative scene.
In the present time magistrate filed a charge against squatters to building eviction and prepare sells agreement with company SANTE s.r.o.. This company wants to convert this house into a luxury sanatorium {hospital}for rich people only. Magistrate promised new area for cultural-social Centrum, but now they want to sweep the squatters without replacement, because the collective of Ladronka participate on organizing of some political actions including last streetparties.
We don't see no way out for this problem. In 1995 was situation like today. Terminal club company wants to rebuilt Ladronka into expensive hotel. Public campaign prepared by squatters, neighborhoods support and protests at embassies in foreign countries, forced this company to rejected their first thought.
If you want to support us:
Do protest at the demo at the Czech embassy - the best is to have symbolic action on 28th of September, when there is also action in Prague, the idea is to have action on same day.
Write protest letters or E-mails the best would be to send it as many times as possible to get so they have to read them at least once. Adress is:
Rada Zastupitelstva hl. mesta Prahy. Marianske nam. 2,
110 00 Prague
1. Czech Republic.
E-mail: (couse there is no way to find email to right person, try to send it to both of this emails with note in czech written in subject box or on the top of the text: "PROSIM PREPOSLAT NA RADU ZASTUPITELSTVA hl. MESTA PRAHY"


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