Warsaw, Poland: Grrl punk festival in Fabryka squat

grrl punk festival in warsaw/poland

"fabryka" squat

12-13 december

entrance: very cheap :)))

(first plans:)


-fuck finger (all grrls crustpunk-biala podlaska/poland)

-centrala rybna (scream emo a'capella-warsaw/poland)

-masskotki (electrogrrlz -warsaw/poland)

-babybutchers (pro-choice punk -poland)

(and some more not confirmed yet - but we are still waiting for submissions!!!)


-about zine making

-about creating international anti sexist networks


*films* (powerpuffgrrls all night long:))

*performances* (girls in action-białystok/poland)



*exhibitions* (witches by wiedzma, grrlz in comix and others)

*yummy food*


and many many more!

for more details, if you want to come/ take part in (yeah!!!) write to: chaosgrrlz@o2.pl


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