Again auction of Koepi squat in Berlin

After the first attempt to auction the Koepi did not succeed in february, because nobody wanted to by it, the Koepi will be again put up for public sale on november 2nd.

In february the Commerzbank made a first attempt to sell the building. The building is owned by Petersen and Partner, who went bankrupt. At the first auction the Commerzbank wanted to sell the building for 5,4 million DM. The eviction costs were already calculated on 100.000 DM. A succesfull auction would probably end in an eviction.

Actions of the Squatters and a big demonstration on 13 february with nearly 2000 people frightened of potential buyers of the house.

The next attempt to sell the house will be on tuesday, november 2nd, in the courthouse at Littenstrasse 12-17, room 152 at 10 AM.

Expropriate the Commerzbank - Defend free spaces!

Lotta continua - Køpi forever


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