Squat 'Het Paard' in Amsterdam will be expropriated

The 'Paard van Amstel' is a squat opposite the councilhouse in Amsterdam. It has been squatted several times the last twenty years. The last eviction took place in july this year (see also http://squat.net/uk/news/horseherkraak160799.htmland older news at http://squat.net/uk/news). This eviction was ordered by the council. Four people were arrested and finally sentenced to one month in prison. The gable of the building was severely damaged by the container which carried the riotcops to the roof of the heavily barricaded building. A few days after the eviction the Amsterdam squattersmovement reacted with a renewed squat-action. This time we wouldn't let them kick us out anymore!

The monumental building is in bad condition due to speculation and illegal demolition activities from the owner. The council never used it's power against this. They were only concerned about preventing getting squatters on the other side of the river the 'Amstel'.

The last squat-actions helped waking up the people who want to take care for monuments and want to do something against the housingshortage in Amsterdam.

Expropriation is not the end of the story. A neighbourhoodorganisation, a housinggroup and the squatters want affordable housing in the building. Most of the affordable tenements in the 'Rembrandtplein'-neighbourhood will be sold or became increasingly expensive. We want a compensation for this. Renovating the Paard and making cheap housing for starters at the housingmarket (as the council calls this) is a necessary step to take.

The council expects that it will be 'impossible' to build cheap housing in the Paard. They want luxury appartment. The struggle is not finished yet...

The paard (horse) has got a digital stable at http://squat.net/paard/index.html

location: Paardenstraat/Amstel, Amsterdam e-mail: pvamstel@dds.nl


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