Cape Town, South Africa: No land! No house! No vote!

CAPE TOWN, JULY 2005 - The Cape Town collective of Indymedia South Africa has made a 'video newsletter' about recent housing struggles in the city. This 35 minute production features footage of recent housing protests and interviews with community activists from Vrygrond, Delft, QQ section and Kwezi Park talking about housing issues and current issues. It is produced in order to give activists from elsewhere insight into the current struggles in Cape Town.

The video is available for download from the Indymedia Video Distribution Network (500 mb download or v2v or you can contact Indymedia South Africa (Cape Town) on to find out about getting a copy. The soundtrack is also available (on for potential radio use. At present we do not have our own video camera (Ella and Ali kindly helped us out in making this film) but we look forward to seeing more 'video documentaries' from Cape Town and elsewhere.

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