Demo Milano Saturday 14 october

This is a document wrote by grrlz and guyz from the student's lab. Deposito Bulk in Milano, evicted last year and re-squatted at new year's eve Y2K. It's a call for participation to a demo in Milano saturday 14.10.00, but also (at least) a supercall for support-on-line. The situation in Milano is getting shitty because of the elections climate: in spring we'll vote our new major. The actual government is pretty right wing, let's say fascist indeed and the electoral campaign runs (literally!!) over our squats and our bodies. More, they try to criminalize us for being 'riot-people' while we try to passively resist to their attacks, they say we don't want to talk while we're calling for dialogue every time we have the chance... The last month saw the mobilization of all the squats that are under threat of eviction in milano (at least 5) for a series of events and demos that were aimed to rise at-tension on the topic: 'squats-quality of life-safety' which is a kind of electoral slogan for the right wing bastards, which we can turn upside down in its meaning without changing the words... Now it's time for direct confrontation, we need the broadest attention we can gather, we do need to feel the support of our fellows around the whole word, because we believe the point is not only focused on Milano... To send support, write a message to : or

WILL WE WALK ALONE? We don't fear this scenario but are we sure this is right? We're used, since quite a while, to the idea of giving surprises and thrills to our fellow citizens: we always tried to carry our way with creativity, giving nothing for granted and always being unexpected. We walked in demonstrations hands up on our heads, we squatted empty buildings in the daylight and publically (even if we were risking jail 'cause squatting in Italy is a crime), we always jumped out of the frame in which someone else wanted us to fit. We always took full responsibility of our choices and actions. What we have today is three evictions in almost one year, and the complete deafness of the city institutions to our calls: we're part of an urban community ruled by some elected representatives, but is pretty clear that our complete (physical?) elimination from this city would be a dream becoming true for a number of these representatives Who's the one who refuse the dialogue?? Who's the one who's looking for it?? Since years we're concentrating our time and our energies on the possibility of developing projects, paths of growth and self-training and a web of relationships among different peoples, cultures, genders, planets we've always believed that what's useful to enhance the cultural level of our metropolis, Milano, but also the one of all the other big and small cities 'round the world is openness and dialogue, more than defending our place or ourselves from attacks. But patience doesn't last forever, we're not dumb and not even subordinated to the 'peaceful-living' game. Time has come when everybody has to play his/her role in the game, taking position and responsibility. The 'democratic, left wing society of Milano', people always ready to mobilitate for the rights of the (average) citizen, that we do support as well, is getting more and more silent: this is a dangerous behaviour in front of the hunger of police control, xenophobia and unlawfulness that is seizing with cramps our city. It's time for a turinig point, it's time for something strong: who's gonna carry the responsability of making us loose our temper? Everybody must know that we're not going to refuse this last challenge of the fascist power that rules our city: we'll be there this time as usual: united, smart, and most of all really fucked up!! Saturday 14 october Global demo in Milano LSOA DEPOSITO BULK - SQUATTED HOUSES AUS, HATA, MI CASA Contacts, info, support at:, 0039-02-34934549, 0039-338-2826191, 0039-338-4323945, 0039-339-2744441


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