A note of eviction of squat in Ljubljana, Slovenija

After several years, we finally started to develop a real squatting movement in Slovenia. In Ljubljana, there are two squats - Vila Mara and Autonomna Cona Molotov, 1 floor, long house, owned by Slovenian Railway Company, state's property. We squatted Molotov on New Year's day 2002 and house was empty for 15 years before we came. There are about 15 people living there, we have a practise room, library (Info-point), empty space for activities like work-shops, joggling etc. and a concert hall with bar.

The last concert was two-days festival with bands like La Fraction, Czolgosz...and on 3rd July is Molotow Coctail and M.D.C. (Millions of Dead Cops). Concert hall is also used for video-projections and non-profit parties. Living place includes about 12 rooms, kitchen, guest room, living rooms and a yard. When we came, Molotov was in a quite bad condition, and the only people that came there were junkies. Place was full of shit and dirt. A small part of the house is Railway Museum, which is still working, but very rarely. The chief of Museum was very nice to us and said that we can use the place. He even forbidded police to come there without him.

Since about two weeks, there was a rumour that this place is soon going to be destroyed. We called the Company, pretending that we're buying the house, and the last person said the date of eviction is 15th July. They admitted that the real reason is tha fact that we live there. Slovenian Railway Company is in big debts and they have at least 30 empty houses around the country. Molotov is a building that they are selling to build a parking lot. Director of real estates Boris Zrimc claims that the pressure is put upon him, because they need to prepare property for selling. We think this is a big lie, because there are buildings in very bad conditons and they are not destroyed until somebody buys it and makes a plan to build something new. But Molotov would stay like these for about 1-3 years. What we want is to keep the house for that time.

Second reason that director B.Z. gave was report made by sanitary inspection. The fact is that the inspector came to the house one day with a chief of Museum and looked the place very fast (she was not even in the kitchen). She said to us that everything is ok and left. B.Z. wrote that sanitary inspector gave a statement that the place is sanitary unsuitable and represents perfect focus for developing and extention of insects, pests, rodent animals and infectious diseases. He sent this statement as an answer to the letter that we wrote. We signed as Collective and D.R.M.K. (Assosiation for Developing of Yuth Culture), because they are also using the place. Contact address was a telephone number and e-mail address.The bastard sent letter to D.R.M.K.'s address (where they're registered) and wrote that they have to go out until 5.7. That means he gave a week to go out. We didn't get any notice, even the police doesn't come here. This is the thing that really makes me angry - ignorance. According to the law, they have to get a decree from the judge to evict us. Then we meet them at the court (we will probably get free lawyers, because we have a lot of support from local activists) and that can take a lot of time. We are planning to do this until the last moment. And then is a plan B - a las barricadas!

We suspect all this started because we were on television - it was a small report about living an alternative life. The main activity represented was FoodNotBombs, because it's very easy to understand and supported in general. We thought sanitary inspector came because of that. But they don't have a right to tell us we are not living in acceptable conditions, because we live like every normal poor person in his/her private house. Even better. And why they never come to junkies and bums, who are usually living in total dirt.

The last information is that the house will be destroyed in a month or two. We want to show them we are not alone! In these days, we will make a meeting to discuss the possibilities. We got support from Slovenian and ex- Yu activists. Some of them are not able to come here, so we will start with sending the protest letters to the Company.

Here's a kind of letter you can write and send it by e-mail, post, fax... (it's good to write other similar versions, so he won't canceled it):

Thanx a lot for your support!, contact us on: c_squat@hotmail.com, A.F.A., Lj., maja


To: Slovenske Zeleznice, Center za nepremicnine

Boris Zrimc, direktor za nepremicnine

Kolodvorska 11, 1506 Ljubljana

tel.01 29 14 608

faks.00386(0)29 14 819

e-mail: boris.zrimc@slo-zeleznice.si

another address: Igor Zajec, generalni direktor, tel.01 29 14000, faks.01 29 14800, e-mail we don't know, try at: igor.zajec@slo-zeleznice.si, check at www.slo-zeleznice.si


We received an information that your company deceided to destroy the house in Kurilniska 3. At the moment, this is the only house in Ljubljana that gives free space for several cultural activities, from Food Not Bombs project, concerts, joggling performances, photograph lessons and other work-shops. These people came there, because the house was empty for a long time. They put a lot of work in it, cleaned it and repaired it. There are about 15 people living there, mostly students. They decided to live like this because the place was emty for such a long time and the best and safest way to keep on with the activities is to stay in the house all the time.

They know they're going to lose the house one day, but now they don't have enough time to find another place. They are aware that if you will destroy the house, the property will stay untouched for many years, until somebody starts to build on it. What they want is to keep the house for that time. It's not true that you have to destroy the house to sell the property, at least not so fast. This house was empty for maybe 15 years and you didn't care before.

Sanitary inspection is just a bad excuse. There are people living in far worse conditions in their private houses or occupied properties (like junikes and bums) and they never got sanitary inspection in their house, but because activities in this house are known and exposed to the public your company feels threatened by the unknown but with no reason!

We are giving our full support with the squatters in Kurilniska 3, owned by Slovenian Railway Company and asking you to think again about your decision.

Thank you.


A.F.A., Lj., maja

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