Hotel Bosch

At the end of april some supporters of the famous squat in Arnhem, Hotel Bosch, went in the office of real estate speculator Marc Leutscher. Leutscher tries to sell the building which is squatted a very long time now. Via the burglary big parts of the administration bacame public. Parts of it you can find on In this information people found the buildingcompany which wants to buy the place. First, Leutscher will try to get it evicted, then the company can demolish it and buy it afterwards. Of course, we don't accept this. The people from Bosch live there about 20 years now and Leutscher just inherited it from his father J.K. Leutscher, also a notorious real estate speculator. J.K. Leutscher bought squats to try to get them evicted. Luckily this right wing anarchist wasn't very succesfull. Most of the squats are sold and legalized or still squatted (or left 'voluntirely'). The building company which helps Leutscher to get Bosch evicted is Van Bergen Bouw, a part of the international company Volker Stevin/Kondor Wessels. they have got branches in Belgium, Canada, Germany and more. You'll find the places you can 'visit' at

The last romours we heard is that the company which was going to assist in doing research about the soilquality under Hotel Bosch was attacked with molotov cocktails. They withdrew their assistance

Support Hotel Bosch, Fight Volker Stevin world wide

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