Grand midnight star social centre squatted

On the 10th Feb SCAN (the social centre autonomous network) occupied an old theatre vacant for years, called the Grand Midnight Star on 55-57 Paramatta Road in Homebush. The occupation began at 8am with barricading of all entrances and other security systems being put in place. > The social centre is now open for workshops, meetings, forums, film nights, conferences, performance, gigs and other social and political activity. *red velvet and power tools

The asthetic is not dissimilar to a David Lynch film. Velvet and chandeliers and olde worlde remnants of opulence. Food not bombs set up a gleaming kitchen, SHAC <sydney housing action collective> set up a squat expo with a historical display on the walls - newsclippings, old zines, and articles covering the rent strikes of the 20s and thirties, through to melbourne in the 80's and the squatters union, Glebe estate in the 80's Victoria Street , Broadway in 1989 and 2000-2001 and so forth.

> Working bees to develop a resource centre are underway.

A cinema was set up and films were shown from the Squatters Historical Archive, such as footage of the Direct Action Collective for Housing, the jellyheads, the Biscuit and Broadway Squats. As well as a great zombie film, Dawn of the Dead (where america is over run by zombies who take refuge in a shopping mall)

Scanners and supporters enjoyed the sounds of monkey mark, elf transporter, elefant traks, system corrupt, the spitz and others into the night.

*Contact with Police and Owner - nil.

The space is yet to be 'contested' in that sense.

The centre is primarily non-residential and is a social and political space. However a caretaker/contact point of residency will be put in place.

Those interested can join the roster for sleep overs/day visits this week to enable the ongoing security of the space.

If would like to have your meeting updates, site map and how to get there. *Tonight - Monday *6.30 - SCAN meeting *Vege Pot Luck Dinner 7.30 onwards (Please join us for dinner and bring a dish, or just come along to have a look at the space. Lots of Food Not Bombers will be out there cooking too.

The Grand Midnight Star Social Centre 55-57 Parramatta Rd. Homebush or event in the space please make contact with us by calling 0415-882-901 and leaving a message. You will be responded to promptly. see


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