The squat Kinkerstraat 240 in Amsterdam won a courtcase. The owner complained that he couldn't get a fire-insurance for the building anymore, since it is squatted. After the first courtcase the judge send the firebrigade in to make a report. They said that the chances for fire were the same as anywhere else, although if a fire starts it will burn down the whole building in no time.

These reasons were not enough for the judge to give an evictionwarrant. The owner didn't prove that he couldn't find another insurancecompany and the chances for fire were normal.

Also a squat at the Regulierdwarsstraat won their case, although the judge decided that the squatters have to let the owner in if he asks for it three days in advance. The visittimes are set on mondays and thursdays. The owner wants to show the place to possible tenants. If the squatters refuse they can get evicted within 8 days.


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