Uppenbergschool in Münster (Germany) evicted

"Squatted for the next 1000 years" was one of the important slogans of the squatted "Uppenbergschule" - But there was obviously no way to realize this. On thursday, the 10. February 200 policemen woke up the inhabitants of the squatted house.

After a few discussions the squatters and the police decided to end the squatting action peacefully - the squatters went out of the house and the police didn't get their identity.

After leaving the house the squatters and 100 sympatisants made a spontanous demonstration - producing a horrible traffic jam.

The squatted "Uppenbergschule" - an empty school building - was squatted on 1st January this year. On Wednesday, 9. February the city council decided to evict the school soon and demolish the building.

The demolishion started direct after the eviction of the house.

On inhabitant of the squat said: "This was just the beginning of many squat actions in Münster!"


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