Some news about squats in Lissabon

After the resistance hold by the São Mamede street squaters, the Santa Casa Da Misericórdia (institute with lots of power that helps the homless and detains national lottary) who reclaims the 4 floor building, is freghtning fathers from residents of the squat. They show to their parents photos and films from their day-life, explainig that they don´t have any cahance in court.

Is the first time in Lisbon and Portugal that a juridiscional case is made. So people(squaters) are a litle bit apreensive with that. After the 1974 revolution about 10000 houses have been squated... years passed and the new neo-liberal and anti-revolutionary legislation permited the legalization of house that have been done in the revolutionary process. Even tough, today, the neo-liberal laws and policys no longer permits squating.

There are 5 squats in lisbon. A new movement that starts 3 years and half ago with the ocupation of Kasa Enkantada.

Squaters from Lisbon

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